5 Best Places To Visit In Beautiful Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is an epic area with many waterfalls and swimming holes. The best part about the park is that it is less than 2-hours drive from Darwin making it a perfect weekend getaway. All the main attractions are close together which means less time driving and more time in the water. You can either book a day trip with a tour group. The From Darwin: Litchfield Park Tour & Jumping Crocodile Cruise is the most popular to book Click Here. or Hire a car out to the National Park. If you are traveling and have your own vehicle you also have the option to stay near or in the National Park. In this Blog all these places can be accessed by a 2Wd, as the roads are along a sealed road.


There is camping in the park which have basic facilities such as toilets and cold showers. You can camp at Wangi falls and Florence Falls. Four-wheel drive camping is at Tjaynera Falls, Surprise Creek Falls, and Florence Falls. Camping fees do apply and you can check the fees and more information on the official site here.

Wangi Falls

Wangi Falls is the most popular waterfall, if self driving make sure to get here early to avoid the crowds. It is the most accessible as its a short walk from the carpark and there is stairs heading into the huge plunge pool. It has a spectacular backdrop of two waterfalls crashing down on the red rock. There is also a 3-kilometer loop trail that takes you up and over the top of the waterfall, giving you a spectacular views over the surrounding area.

Buley Rock Hole

Buley Rock Hole was our personal favorite, This place can feel crowded in the middle of the day so head here early. There is a series of cascading pools flowing down the river, creating small swimming pools for small groups of friends to hang out in. It’s almost as if each group gets their own private pool. The water here was crystal clear and we found a few spots to jump in where it was deep enough. There is a 3.2km return trail that follows the creek down to Florence falls. It is worth doing as you can find more hidden rock pools along the way and you will get away from the crowds.

Florence Falls

Florence falls is another very popular waterfall, it is best to get here early or later in the afternoon. The walk to the falls is down 136 stairs. The Shade Creek to Florence falls loop is a nice alternative trail to the falls as it follows the creek in a shady rainforest loop. Florence falls has two waterfalls pouring down over the edge of the rocks and into a plunge pool. There is plenty of fish and underwater rock formations which make Florence Falls an awesome spot. It is best to take a floating device like a pool noodle if you aren’t a strong swimming as the waterfall makes a strong current.

Tolmer Falls

It was quietly magnificent, hidden away in a narrow gorge, viewable only from a small platform above the cliffs. It is only a 400m walk out to the 2 platforms.

Tjaetaba Falls

The Greenant Creek Walk is a moderate return walk with a rewarding swim in the plunge pool at the end of the trail. Starting at the bridge across Greenant Creek, this shady 2.7km walk follows the creek upstream then climbs steeply to Tjaetaba Falls Lookout. It has some steep inclines and allow about 1.5 hours to complete it.

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