5 Fantastic Days In Beautiful Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is located 6 hours from Exmouth or 10 hours from Broome. It’s one of Australia’s most beautiful and untouched places with many adventurous hikes. From the rockpools of the Hamersly gorge to the waterfalls at the Fern Pools, this national park has something for everyone. It is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers, With it’s rugged landscapes and stunning gorges. In this blog I have put together a 5 day Itinerary where you will see most of the places in the National Park.

Camping: Spend 3 nights at either Karijini eco resort, Which has more facilities then the free campground. If you don’t need the facilities and would like to free camp head to Mount Bruce campground for 3 nights. Then spend 2 nights at Dales Campground which has basic facilities.
Glamping: Spend 5 nights at one of the safari Tents at Karijini Eco Resort. This is the only place in Karijini National park which has accommodation if you are not camping.

Dales Campground: Is a large campground and is located on the eastern side of the park. It’s a great spot to explore Dales Gorge. You need to book online through DPAW before visiting, this is a popular campground and is usually fully booked. Bookings open 180 days in advance. There is also an Overflow Camping nearby if the main campground is full – this also requires an online booking in advance. There is a 2-night maximum stay in the overflow. Dales costs $11 per adult per night. It has minimal facilities such as bush toilets and barbecues. There is No potable water or bins.


Mount Bruce Campground: Free campground located 50km from Tom Price. There is no facilities so make sure that you have everything on board. This is the closest campground to Mount Bruce Summit.
Karjini Eco Retreat: Unpowered campsites start from $22 per adult per night. This includes access to shared bathroom facilities including solar hot water showers and bush kitchen including barbecues. They also have Luxury eco Tents which include a private bathroom with a hot shower and 12V power supply. Prices start from $400 for 2 adults per night. Standard tents from $240 per night for 2 adults there is no bathroom in these tents but shared bathrooms are available. Bookings for campsites are available online.

Day 1- Tom Price

On the way into the National park I would suggest to spend a day in Tom Price. This is the only town in the area where there is a food shop so it’s a great opportunity to stock up on food, water and Fuel. You can also hike or take your 4WD up Mount Nameless for amazing views over Tom Price and out to the National Park.

Day 2- Mount Bruce Summit and Hamersley Gorge

This morning head out early to Mount Bruce summit hike. It is located a 10 minute drive from the free campground or about 25 minutes from Karijini Eco Resort. I would suggest either heading up the mountain for sunrise but make sure to bring a head torch. Or head up at 7am to beat the heat. In the afternoon head out to Hamersley Gorge. It is located 60km from Mount Bruce along a unsealed road but is well worth the drive out here. Spend the afternoon swimming in the different water holes and also the beautiful Spa Pool. Be careful as the rocks also can get quite slippery.

Day 3- Exploring The Gorge’s

Today head out to the Gorges in Karijini National Park, Make sure to pack lunch and snacks as you will be visiting 4 gorges throughout the day. First head out to Knox Gorge,  The trail is 2.7km (Return) and allow 1-2 Hours. Next head to Joffree Falls this trail is class 4 1.5km return trail and allow an hour to complete the trail. In the afternoon head out to oxer lookout and then begin your walk along the upper and lower weano gorge to Handrail pool this also connects where you can continue your circuit up to Hancock Gorge and Kermit’s pool. The circuit is 4km return and allow 3-4 hours. You will walk through the water, scale along the rocks and there also is a few ladders to the bottom of the gorge. The water at the gorges are quit cold but also refreshing at the same time.

Day 4- Kalamina Gorge and Dales Gorge

This morning head to Dales Campground, Then head out to Kalamina Gorge with just your car. The track says 4WD only but when we visited there was 2WD doing it too just take your time as it is unsealed road but it is regularly graded. The Trail is 3km return and is a fairly easy walk along the gorge, past a waterfall at the beginning to the rock arch pool at the end. Allow 2 hours to complete the trail with swimming time to. In the afternoon head back to Dales Campground have lunch. Then set off in the afternoon out to Fern Pool and Fortescue Falls, This is a great place to go for a dip and fern Pool has a ladder into the pool. You can then walk along Dales Gorge and back up a ladder to the top of the gorge. The circuit is 5.1km return circuit and allow 2-3 hours to complete the hike.

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