A Beautiful Day At Australia’s Largest Explorable Cacti Garden


Exploring the Cactus Country which is located in Strathmerton, a small country town approximately 3 hours drive from Melbourne. The closest town is Cobram located just 10 minutes away. If visiting the Cacti Garden I recommend staying in Cobram for a few nights. Click Here to see what else there is to see in Cobram Or Echuca.

The Cacti Garden

Upon arrival to the carpark, head into the reception area to buy your entry tickets. Entry to the garden costs $17.50 per adult. The Cactus Country is comprised of three main areas. There’s the beautiful cacti garden, the cactus shop and the adjoining café area. We started at the Cactus Garden, we arrived right as they opened at 10am on a Saturday and we were the only ones for the first hour. So if your after visiting without the crowds I would recommend going early also to beat the heat in summer.

Exploring the Trail’s

You will begin walking along the Green trail. Each trail of the garden has different types of Cacti on each of the trails. Make sure to pick up a guidebook or download it onto your phone you can identify the different species of cacti as well. There are plenty of picture opportunities here, you’ll definitely want a camera or camera phone handy.

Exploring the Cacti

Some of the Cacti were huge! As you can see above. You will notice many of these giant cacti on the Orange trail which is the ‘Valley of Giants’. Some Cacti can grow to 13 meters tall and 35cm thick around the base. The cactus country is an interesting place to visit if your heading to the Murray for a holiday I recommend checking it out. Also Make sure before you leave to check out the café and try either the Cactus ice cream or Cactus Cake.

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