A Guide to Beautiful Stoney Creek Fall’s Cairns

Stoney Creek Falls is a popular waterfall walking track and swimming hole near Cairns. Stoney Creek is reached via a short, 20-minute drive from Cairns CBD and there is a small carpark at the end of the road. There is a few Scenic walks along the creek where you will reach a number of waterfalls. One option is to walk to the Old Weir Falls, this is the most popular and can get very busy on the weekends or school Holidays. There is then the small waterfall 1.2km up the creek and Upper Stoney Creek Falls. In this guide I take you on the adventure hike up to Upper Stoney creek falls.

The Three Main Waterfalls Along Stoney Creek

  1. Old Weir Falls – this is the most popular waterfall at Stoney Creek and is easily accessible via a short rainforest hiking trail that is easy to follow. It features a deep swimming hole, making it a great option if you’re looking for a place to swim. The track is 1.8km return out and back
  2. Small Waterfall – as the name suggests, this is a small cascade upstream of Old Weir Falls on the way to the official Stoney Creek Falls below. This track is 4.5km return trail and you could return via the creek where you will pass the top of The main waterfall. This trail is featured on all trails.
  3. Stoney Creek Falls – this is the official waterfall on Stoney Creek beside the Kuranda Scenic Rail line. There is also a swimming hole at the bottom but getting here requires much more experience.

Upper Stoney Creek Falls

There is a sign pointing towards the “Douglas Track” and Glacier Rock almost immediately after the concrete footbridge. Follow the track towards Glacier Rock for about 50m there is then a small opening in the forest to the left. It is a good idea to download the trail onto your all trails app as this will help you navigate where the opening is. Once you have found the entrance to the trail it is a little further on, this track opens up and is easier to follow. There are also sporadic pink markers along the way. Follow the trail for about 1.2km before coming out at the Small waterfall along Stoney Creek.

The track follows on the left side of this waterfall, climbing up the small rocky section. There are pink markers on the left side of the creek marking the way. This track then continues through the forest, winding its way up to the mountain before a final steep ascent to the railway line. Where you will come out at Stoney Creek Station. Follow the train track to the right until you reach the railway bridge and waterfall.

You can return the same way back or head down a small trail to the right of the rail way tracks. This track is quite sketchy and if you don’t feel safe I do not recommend climbing down here. If you get down the sketchy track you can swim in the waterfall at the bottom and then rock hop your way down the creek. Where you will find numerous more waterfalls along the way.

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