Top 10 amazing Things to see in Queenstown

Amazing things to see in Queenstown, which there is many in this small country town rich in mining history also is the gateway town into the West coast and was once the 3rd largest town in Tasmania and had 14 hotels. However today you will notice it is quit a sleepy town with a population of 2500. As you enter into Queenstown you will first notice the eerie, bare and moon landscape, That people travel all over to come and see. The land is now incapable of healing as logging pulled roots out of the hills and mined chemicals which have infiltrated the soil. Queenstown offers, historical sites where you can learn about the mining history of the town, the Main street offers an amazing art scene on the buildings and nearby there are a many natrual attractions. Click Here to find the campsites we stayed at in the West

amazing things to see in queenstown- iron blow lookout

Nelson Falls

The walk to Nelson Falls is a 1.4 km 20 minute return walk and is located 27 km out of Queenstown. It is an easy and beautiful walk through the rainforest. The track is well maintained and access to the falls is easy with only a few steps. We were amazed as it had just been raining the waterfall was very overflowing and the waterfall looked amazing.

Iron Blow Lookout

Is located 10 minutes out of Queenstown and is a must see when visiting the area, when arrive at the lookout it gives you an information board to read about the history. The lookout allows a view of the open cut mine and the Linda Valley. When gold was discovered on hills of the Linda Valley in 1883, Iron Blow was founded and the site was descended upon by miners who sort copper. They stripped the land bare and then deserted the area, leaving Gormanston and Linda as ghost towns.

Horsetail falls

Is a 1 km 30 minutes return walk and is located a 10 minute drive out of Queenstown. It is a fairly easy walk along a boardwalk that clings to a steep hillside it does have a few steps to the top of the falls lookout platform once at the platform you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the mountains to the south, ocean to the west and side view of the falls. This waterfall is a large seasonal waterfall that falls of Mt Owen onto Moore Creek. During the summertime it’s only a slow trickle, so it’s best to see the misty cascade during winter or after heavy rainfall.

Spion kop Lookout

This Lookout is located just past the West Coaster Motel on Latrobe Street in Queenstown. The lookout gives you an incredible view of the town and its eerie surroundings.

Queenstown street art and Murals at the Q bank Gallery

There is a self guided tour of the street art click here to get the map. The Q bank gallery has an artist-in-residency program. It is interesting to wander the streets of Queenstown and spot the art work around the town.

The Paragon Theatre

Offers self guided tours for $7 per adult. Where you get to go behind the scenes of the theatre, Wander through the main hall, the dress circle and projection rooms and also get to catch the 3 short video presentations detailing the history of the theatre. For more information click Here.

Queenstown Railway station

At the railway station you will find a the railway museum it is only a small space, but it has a combination of information boards and authentic objects, which tell the story of the original construction of the Railway. It is free to go in and look around.

West coast Wilderness railway

Another very popular activity people come to Queenstown is for the steam train ride, where you can take a half day tour or full day tour. The train goes through ancient rainforests to Dubbil Barril and return with the full day tour it will take you to Strahan. For more information click Here.

Day Trip to Strahan

We choose to set up in Queenstown and do a day trip to Strahan. Whilst in Strahan we went to Hogarth Falls, The Henty Dunes and The water mill Lookout which gave awesome views over Strahan.

amazing things in queenstown- View looking out to Strahan

Hogarth Falls

Is an easy 40-50 minute, 2.4 km return walks and is located in Peoples Park. The walk to the falls is an easy walk through tall forest and rainforest to the waterfall. Sometimes platypus are also occasional spotted in the river so as you walk towards the falls keep your eyes out along the river bends for platypus.

Henty Dunes in Strahan

Just a short 15 minute drive out of Strahan is the Henty Dunes. It is worth the drive the dunes expand for 15 km along the coast. We drove to the Henty dunes picnic area. From the picnic area you are able to walk to Ocean Beach which is Tasmania’s longest beach. The walk is across the dunes and will take about 1.5 hour return. For the adventurous, try tobogganing down the dunes, Toboggans are available for hire from select businesses in Strahan

Water mill lookout

This Lookout gives you amazing views overlooking Strahan.

Click Here for the Vlog on this destination.

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