Beautiful Places To Visit At Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is one of the most beautiful and unique national parks in Western Australia, and maybe even Australia. In this blog I have put together the best gorges and campgrounds in Karijini National Park and I share all you need to know about visiting Karijini.


Camping At Dales Campground

This large campground is located on the eastern side of the park and is a great spot to explore Dales Gorge. You need to book online through DPAW before visiting, this popular campground is usually fully booked. Bookings open 180 days in advance. There is Overflow Camping nearby if the main campground is full – this also requires an online booking in advance. There is a 2-night maximum stay in the overflow. Dales costs $11 per adult per night. This cheaper option (compared to the Eco Retreat) which has minimal facilities. It has bush toilets and barbecues. There is No potable water or bins – take your water in with you and take your rubbish out.

Camping at Karijini Eco Retreat

 The other option in Karijini is to stay at the Karijini Eco Resort. It is at a higher cost compared to Dales Campground but with has more facilities. It is located on the west side of the park closest to Joffree Gorge, the Eco Retreat is privately run. There is even an outback style restaurant here, open for breakfast and dinners. Dinner reservations are essential, so make sure to book in advance. Bookings for campsites are available online. Unpowered campsites start from $22 per adult per night. This includes access to shared bathroom facilities including solar hot water showers and bush kitchen including barbecues. They also have Luxury eco Tents which include a private bathroom with a hot shower and 12V power supply. Prices start from $400 for 2 adults per night. They also have standard tents from $240 per night for 2 adults there is no bathroom in these tents but shared bathrooms are available.

Camping at Buddha’s overnighter

This is a the closest free campground from Hamersley Gorge It is only a 5 minute drive and 40km from Tom Price.

Places To Visit In Karjini National Park

Joffree Gorge

This gorge can be accessed on foot for those staying at the Eco Resort or there is a car park on the other side with a lookout. The first part of this hike is Class 4 but is flat and easy until you reach the rocks heading down into the gorge you will also go down a number of ladders before reaching the bottom. You will then follow the river stream to the right until you come to the Amphitheatre at the base of the falls. 

Hancock Gorge

Located in the Weano Recreation area next to Weano Gorge, Hancock Gorge is one of the more adventurous and popular gorges in the park. As you descend into the gorge, you follow along the gorge . There are sections where you need to scramble along the gorge wall and sections of water which can be up to waist deep. The final part on the approach to Kermit’s Pool is called the Spider Walk, as people choose to spider along the narrow gorge instead of walking in the running flow of water. Once you reach the beautiful but freezing waters of Kermit’s Pool, you turn around and go back the way you came.

Weano Gorge

A much gentler walk, but incredibly scenic as you can do a full loop instead of a one way trail through what is called Upper Weano. At one end, you will also find the path from Lower Weano Gorge into Handrail Pool.

Oxer Lookout and Junction Pool Lookout

Located in the Weano Recreation area, you can walk over to these lookouts or drive from the main carpark to a smaller car park. They offer stunning views over the gorges. 

Knox Gorge

A one way trail takes you through deep gorges and over dark pools of water. At the end of the trail you will find a stunning gap through the gorges which shows the deep rich red colour of the surrounding rock. It is a very steep and rocky descent into the gorge, but once in the gorge the hike isn’t too tough. The trail is 2.7km (Return) and allow 1-2 Hours

Kalamina Gorge

This gorge is a great option for those wanting a gentler hike or a swimming hole to cool off in. A short walk in takes you to a small pool, with the option to continue onwards deeper into the gorge before the trail ends at Rock Arch Pool. 

Dales Gorge

This popular gorge is within walking distance to Dales Campground. You can start from the Circular Pool lookout end and descend into the gorge for a scenic walk along the waterway, stepping over stones and traversing some small rock ledges. Halfway along, you’ll see the tree leaning over the water which you can (carefully) climb onto. Once you reach the end of this Gorge you will come across Fortescue Falls. 

Fortescue Falls & Fern Pool

Fortescue Falls is the parks biggest and permanent waterfall. Water flows over the 20m high tiered cliff into the pool below. You can access this through walking through Dales Gorge, or from the carpark located above the falls, with a long set of steps descending into the gorge. If you walk 5 minutes further west from the falls, you will come across the tranquil Fern Pool. Fern Pool is surrounded with thick, lush ferns. You’ll find a small platform with a ladder leading into the pool of water, with a small waterfall on the other side of the pool. You can swim across and climb up onto the rock ledge underneath the falls. 

Mount Bruce

Also known by the Aboriginal name, Punurrunha. Mount Bruce takes the place for Western Australia’s second tallest peak – taking on Bluff Knoll for size. This challenging hike can take between 5-6 hours, so it is recommended to go early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day. Whilst technically outside of Karijini National Park, it is worth visiting if you have time for the stunning 360 views of the surrounding landscapes, and views over the operational iron ore mine nearby.

There are 3 different length trails you can choose to take at Mount Bruce: 
Marandoo View is a 500 metre walk from the Mt Bruce carpark to the lookout it is an easy option with views over the  Marandoo mine.
– Honey Hakea trail is a 4.6 kilometre round trip from the Mt Bruce car parkis Class 3. Allow 3 hours to complete this walk.
Mt Bruce Summit trail  is a 9 kilometre round trip from the car park. With views of the spectacular views across Hamersley Ranges. This walk is a class 5 and allow 5 hours to walk to the summit and back to the carpark.

Hamersly Gorge

Hamersley Gorge is one of the furthest away gorges, located on the west side of the park. Home to the famous “Spa Pool,” Hamersley Gorge also has some stunning smaller falls and large swimming holes. The geology of this gorge is also remarkable with wavy bands of rock caused by a millennia of forces.

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