Beautiful Waterfall’s and Hikes In Millaa Millaa

Millaa Millaa is situated on the southern area of the Atherton Tablelands, about 60km west of Innisfail and 98 km’s from Cairns. It is a beautiful town and is the gateway to the southern Atherton Tablelands. At 850 meters above sea level, the town is nestled among emerald hills surrounded by lush dairy farms, majestic rainforests and magnificent waterfall’s. Getting around Millaa Millaa you will need your own transport. You can also do a day trip from Cairns if you would prefer, most of the locations are located about 90 minutes from Cairns.


We based ourselves at Millaa Millaa tourist park which is a great base to see everything in the area. It is only 1km from the main town. It is from $29 per night for an unpowered site and $37 for a powered site. There amenity block’s with Hot showers and toilets. There is also washing machines for $4 a wash and a Camp kitchen.

Waterfall Circuit In Millaa Millaa

Millaa Millaa Fall’s

It is part of the 17km waterfall circuit and is located 1.5km from the town. Millaa Millaa Falls are a popular swimming spot and are one of the most photographed in all of Australia, so make sure you bring your camera. There’s also a lovely grassy picnic area to relax and keep your eyes out for platypus. Also make sure to arrive early morning as it can get quite busy.

Zillie Fall’s

Zillie Falls are 7.5km from Millaa Millaa Falls. A viewing platform provides a perfect spot to get a view of the top of the waterfall. There is then a muddy track to the bottom of the Falls with some stairs along the way. It is a fairly short and easy climb down where you get a perfect view of the waterfall. We found a cave to the right of the fall’s which takes you up onto the rock and a bit closer to the fall’s. Be careful if you do go exploring as the rocks and track can be slippery.

Elinjaa Fall’s

Ellinjaa Falls, 3 km on from Zillie Falls, It flow’s over a series of lava columns. It is a short stroll to the first lookout which looks over the top of the fall’s. You can then take the short zig zag track to the bottom, Where you will walk through a beautiful rainforest on the descent. I would also recommend getting here early as it is quite a small and popular waterfall which can get busy.

Souita Fall’s

It is located near Millaa Millaa on Middlebrook Road off the Old Palmerston Highway which once was the main road connecting Millaa Millaa and Ravenshoe. It is a short 150m walk to the first lookout which over looks the top of the waterfall, and is 220m to the bottom of the fall’s. The falls run all year but are best seen after the wet season.

Pepina Falls

This waterfall is also located off the the Old Palmerston Highway. As you approach the fall’s you will see the sign and a small parkinig area. It is then a short walk to the bottom of the Fall’s

Mungalli Fall’s

Thirteen kilometers from Millaa Millaa along the main Palmerston Highway, towards Innisfail. Turn off at Junction Road and then follow the signs to Mungalli Falls. At 90 meters they are the highest on the Atherton Tablelands. It is located on Private property and there isn’t much parking available. The walk to the bottom of the Fall’s is well signed and takes about 45 minutes return.

Wooroonooran National Park

Mumu Tropical Skywalk

Mamu tropical Skywalk is located 28km 21 minutes from Millaa Millaa just off the Palmerston Highway. It was built in 2007-2008. It features walkways and a cantilever (a projecting beam supported at only one end), allowing you to experience the rainforest from the forest floor to the canopy. Once you’re done exploring the skywalk, climb the tower and soak in the views. You can buy double pass tickets which include 12 month unlimited entrance to the Mamu Skywalk and Paronella Park. Prices are from $77 per adult. Or $30 per adult for entrance to the skywalk and $55 per adult for entrance into Paronella Park. For ticket pricing Click Here.

Wallicher and Tchupala Waterfall circuit

They are two waterfalls located in the tropical Wooroonooran National Park in Far North Queensland, Australia. These two fall’s are located quite close together and are both off Henrietta Creek. These falls share the same trailhead, which splits in a Y-junction near the start of the trail. The walk is 2km circuit to both and allow 30 minutes to complete. These aren’t the most popular waterfall’s in the area and for this reason most of the time you will get them to yourselves.

Once you park your car at the small gravel pull in area, you’ll notice a trailhead sign indicating the start of the track. Both waterfall tracks branch off the same starting trail, with Wallicher Falls to the left, and Tchupala to the right after approximately 100 meters. Tchupala Fall’s The track winds right after the turn, following a trail through dense tropical rainforest and up a steep ridge. After approximately 600 metres, you’ll reach the top level of Tchupala Falls, which is a wide rainforest waterfall.

Once you arrive to the top of the waterfall you will find an abandon stair case in front. There are several signs telling travelers not to continue down to the lower levels, however, after reviewing the stairs, we decided to explore anyway. The trails were completely abandoned, and it seemed they had been like that for years. The old rails are now covered by thick vines and the carved rock steps are swallowed by dirt and moss. The track down to the lower waterfall levels was very steep and can become slippery. Once at the bottom. There are waterfalls on each side and steep limestone cliffs covered in thick vines and rainforest flora. We are in no way encouraging anyone to take the closed trail, make sure to make your own judgement and explore at your own risk.

Once you have finished exploring Tchupala Falls, continue to the right at the fork and follow signs to Wallicher fall’s it is a further 500m one way to the lookout. This Falls is only a single-level waterfall I would imagine after wet season it would have some serious power. The walk back to the car is about 1km back along the same trail you enter on.

Nandroya Fall’s

Nandroya is a 50-metre vertical plunging waterfall located in the rainforest valleys of Wooroonooran National Park, Queensland. It is located 22km from Millaa Millaa Or you can camp here at Henrietta Campground. Once you arrive at the campground there is a small carpark to the left where you can park your car. Once you cross the footbridge, you’ll round a bend that follows parallel to the main road. Approximately 50 meters further, you’ll see the signpost for the Nandroya Falls hike. The trail is narrow and surrounded by thick rainforest vines and tropical vegetation on all sides. There are two routes you can take to get to Nandroya Falls. One is roughly 2 kilometers and the other is 3.5 kilometers to the falls. You can also complete the Nandroya Falls walk as a circuit by taking both tracks on a loop which end’s up being 6.4km 2 hour return walk.

I would recommend taking the longer rainforest walk there and then the short way back to the carpark. Nandroya Falls trail actually includes three waterfalls. These include Silver Falls and the two tiers of Nandroya Falls. Silver Falls is a much smaller waterfall located in a tight clearing. It flows gently into a shallow blue pool. Lower level of Nandroya and upper level of Nandroya. Not sure if it’s all the time but there are soo many March flies around! Although it’s a spectacular waterfall, it’s not as popular as some of the other waterfalls like Millaa Millaa Fall’s. However, I’d probably rate it as a much better waterfall due to being more secluded and tranquil.

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