Best Free Campground’s in the Victorian Goldfield’s

There are many free Campground’s in the Goldfields region which is located in central Victoria. In this blog, we highlight all the best campgrounds to stay at whilst around Bendigo, Castlemaine, and Daylesford. This area is where the discovery of gold sparked the Victorian gold rush of the 1850s. Click
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Dog Rock’s- Mount Alexandra Regional Park


Warburton Bridge

Warburton’s Bridge in Glenuce, this is an amazing free camp right on Loddon River. It’s a spacious campground which has a few fire pits and a drop toilet. You are able to camp right alongside the river. Dogs are permitted here on a lead. Collect fresh water from Campbells creek or Daylesford before arriving at the campground.

Vaughn Springs

Camping is available at the Upper Terrace Campground, which is a short walk up the hill from the day visitor area. The day visitor area has a giant slide, mineral spring taps, swimming spots, scenic walks, and toilet facilities. There are taps around the campground. Although I wouldn’t drink the water as the minerals are too high and can be potentially dangerous to drink. I would recommend stopping at Campbells creek or Daylesford on the way to fill up with water. 

Leanganook Campground’s

Located in Mount Alexandra Regional Park in Harcourt North. Multiple campsites available here which are spread around the main picnic area. Facilities include picnic tables, fire pits, toilets. Before heading up to the regional park stop past Harcourt and fill up with water. There are also toilet facilities here, a hot shower and a dump point. Plenty of walking tracks located at the regional park with beautiful views. The main lookout points include Dog Rocks, Shepherd’s Flat, and Lang’s lookout. Dogs are allowed in the Mount Alexander Regional Park if kept on a lead.

English’s Bridge

This is an amazing free campground just 20 minutes out of Bendigo right on Campaspe river. If you stay around Bendigo this is by far the best campground around here. You can swim, kayak or swing on the rope swing into the river. There are no facilities here. In the town of Goornong, there are toilets and fresh drinking water which is just 10 minutes away.

Haddon’s Lion’s Park

You can camp at Haddon’s Lion Park which is where we camped. It is located 15 minutes from the town of Ballarat and is the perfect location right near the rail trail. The campsite is a large grass area next to a creek and big enough for many rigs of any size. A few fire pits and Picnic benches are in one area, which is great for campers in tents. Around the campground, there are a few water taps so you can fill up your tanks. For those with pets, this camp is also dog-friendly. Toilets are available 24/7 and bins are located in this area. The camp is a donation camp pop some money in an envelope and takes it to the general store over the road.

Green Hill Lake Campground’s

Green Hill Lake is a fantastic donation campground located 4km from Ararat. The campground is a large area where you can camp right on the lake or above the lake. Facilities include 2 toilet blocks. The one located at green hill lake offers free hot showers and power points. The toilet block near the dump point has showers but only cold water. There also are picnic tables, fire pits, wood fire barbecues. Freshwater taps are scattered around the campground to fill up your tanks with water. The dump point is located at the end of the campground. Dogs are allowed here.

More Free Campgrounds

Butt’s reserve– a free campground located in Maldon. There are toilet facilities here and freshwater located in Maldon. If you continue up the mountain on Mt Tarren Gower Road you will soon come to the Mt Tarren Gower Lookout. Which is a massive tower that offers panoramic views over Maldon and the surrounding areas.

Mount Franklin– is a gorgeous and peaceful campground Located just 15 minutes from Daylesford. The campground has toilet facilities and is accessible to RV’s, Caravan’s and tents. Dog’s are allowed. There is no drinking water so make sure to fill up fresh water in Daylesford.

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