The Best Places To Visit When In Beautiful Deloraine

Exploring Deloraine it’s situated on the Meander River, it is half way between Devonport and Launceston. It’s the largest inland town in Tasmania with a population of 3000. This quaint little town offers a lot and is a great base to explore some amazing walks and waterfalls around. In this Blog I will Highlight what there is to do in the town and Surrounding areas. There is a great camp in Deloraine where they charge $3 a night but you must be fully self contained, If you aren’t fully self contained there is also Apex Caravan Park in Deloraine click Here for more information.

In the town of Deloraine

Enjoy a stroll around Meander river a it is a 30 minute circuit. The circuit will take you over 2 suspension bridges, past a weir where sometimes you can spot platypus and you also will pass the sculptures along the river bed. Visit Deloraine unique Art museum called Yarns Artwork in Silk  a tour is $10 per person for more information click Here. Visit the Llama farm click Here for more information.

Bastion Cascades

The Beginning of the track is a little bit confusing, it begins by walking up a fairly wide gravel path then you have a choice to walk to bastion cascades via the stone hut track or continue straight which leads straight to the cascades. When continuing straight don’t follow the open path as there is a very tiny track just behind the bastion cascades sign this path is very over grown but will open up along the way. The path can get confusing at times and there are many ribbons around, try to follow the bright ribbons as these are the newer ribbons and the best path to follow. We believe continuing straight is easier it seemed like a steady incline we returned via the Stone hut track and the track down was a steep descent.

As your walking along the track you will pass many creek cascades including a big rock that has been named the wave rock. Other highlights include many huge rock over hangs towering over you, we named theses cavelettes as they weren’t complete caves just a massive hollow rock. The track is graded 3 to the Bastion cascades and 4 as you continue along the Stone hut track. To complete the circuit allow 5 hours, If just completing the Bastion cascades returning the same track allow 3 hours. It is a very beautiful track and well worth the adventure through the forest, While walking have an open mind as the path may get confusing along the way which is just part of this unique adventure.

Liffey Fall’s

There are two walking tracks through the forest to Liffey falls. If parking at the Lower car park it is a 6km 3 hour return walk, along the way there are a number of timber benches and lookout points at different levels of the waterfall. From the upper car park this is the popular choice as its 2km 45 minute return, the track is graded 2. This track is not as steep as the other way. It is suitable for kids, and along the way you will see 4 cascades before you reach Liffey falls. If your lucky you may spot a platypus in the creek at Liffey falls.

Pine Lake Nature Trail

This walk is great for everyone, the walk follows a board walk. The walk to Pine Lake is suitable for children and the elderly it is also wheel chair accessible. The track is grade 1 and is 800 meters 30 minute return walk. It is a great walk and a great opportunity to get close to one of Tasmania’s rarest tree ‘The pencil pine’ Some of these trees can reach ages of 1200 years old. It has an altitude of 1200 meters so it can get very cold here. When we arrived it was completely foggy soo we couldn’t see much but it gave the walk a spooky feel.

Montana Falls

Is located in Western Creek in the long ridge regional reserve Montana is just a 10 minute drive from Deloraine. The track is grade 2, 1.8km 40 minute return walk. Upon arriving follow the orange markers onto the path. From here the path has a gentle descent through the forest, continue along the track for about 15 -20 minutes until you reach the waterfall. There is a set of timber stairs that lead to the bottom of Montana falls. The path then continues up a slight hill, where you can view the cascades. Once at top the path you will see two arrows follow the path to the right down the hill. This is where you can see the cascades from the bottom. Return via the same track.

Click Here for the vlog on Deloraine and Bastion Cascades.

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