Top walks in the beautiful Blue Tier Discovery Trail

Blue tier forest reserve is 32km from St Helens boasting a number of nature walks. Blue Tier forest reserve walks begin just past the town of Weldborough. You can camp at the The Weldborough hotel for easy access to a number of walks and for easy access to the waterfalls we camped at the Pyengana Recreation reserve. I have listed below a number of walks to do at the forest reserve. There is also a number of longer walks at this reserve such as the moon valley rim walk, Australia Hill loop and Mt Michael loop. Click Here to see the top places in the North East Tasmania.

Blue Tier discovery trail

Rainforest walk

A 15 minute circuit walk through a beautiful rainforest as you walk the circuit there is story boards along the path. It is just past the main town of Weldborough and is just off the Tasman highway worth a stop at as you pass by.

Mount Paris Dam

Is a nice walk just outside of Weldborough go down Mount Paris dam road for 8km and you will see a sign pointing down a road to the dam. Park up the top of the dam you will see the dam wall on the right. Their is two ways to the bottom of the dam either Walk over the dam wall and down the path or walk straight down the rugged path it is a short walk about 5 minutes to the bottom of the dam and as you walk along you will see the dam wall to the right. You will reach a cascade of running water. It is an unknown walk and to my understanding not many people no it is here, we only saw a sign and investigated this road it is worth while the drive down to the dam wall. This road also leads to the start of the Atlas mountain bike track.

The Bottom of Mount Paris Dam Wall
Top Of Mount Paris Dam Wall

Blue Tier Giant Walk

This is an awesome walk and is one of the lesser known walks just 8 km out of Weldborough. This walk requires moderate fitness as there is a fairly steep hill climb on the way back up. This is a 3.2km round trip to the giant tree and cradle tree. Fun fact cradle tree will take 15 people to hug the entire base of this tree. The giant tree sits at 60 meters tall and is the widest living tree in Australia.

Giant Tree

Saint Columba Fall’s

It is a short 1.2km return trip which will take about 20- 30 minutes to walk to the fall’s. It is quite an easy walk with a slight up hill on the way back up. As you descend to the fall’s you will go through the rainforest that has some of the tallest tree ferns. As you make it to the base of the falls you will see Saint Columba Falls cascading 90 meters down to St Georges river.

Saint Columba Falls
The path to the falls

Halls Fall‘s

Is a nice walk through the forest you have a few options. You can either just walk to the top of the falls to the lookout and then down to the bottom of the falls, Then from here you can walk to the weir and the rock pools. When we got here we walked to the lookout of the falls and then headed to the rock pools and the weir.

Halls falls entrance
The Rock Pools

Halls Falls from the lookout

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