Free Camping at the beautiful Bay of Fires

Free Camping

Free camping at Bay Of Fires for up to 1 month. This is a popular camping spot for locals and for tourists it can get very busy over summer. The bay of fires is a 50km stretch of beautiful coastline with a variety of different beaches all with white sand crystal blue water and the rocks with orange lichen which makes all these rocks a bright reddish orange color, which makes these beaches very special and unique. I would highly recommend if you have a big vehicle like us I would scope the area and campsite before you decide to go ahead with the campsite as some of these campsites are tricky to access and don’t give you much room to turn around. All these campsites don’t have any fresh drinking water, some camping areas have got drop toilets. On The way in to the campsites there is a fresh water tap where you can fill your vehicles with water, There is also access to Hot showers and a laundry mat in St Helens at the car wash if needed. Check out more things to do on the East Coast Here.

free camping- looking out to the bay of fires

Dora camp Point

This campsite is 8km from St Helen and is just outside of Binalong Bay It is located in Humbug point nature reserve. It has basic toilet facilities and has lots of big camping areas with easy access for bigger vehicles. From the campsites there is also nice walking tracks through the nature reserve. There is access to swimming here at low tide.

Grants lagoon

Has no toilet facilities or drinking water. It has many camping spots and would suit big rigs and campers with tents or camper trails. It has no beach access but there is access too the lagoon.

Jeanerette camping ground

Has drop toilets but no drinking water. It is limited to big rigs as there is no turn around area and the campsites are not very big there is a couple of big campsites This would be a campsite I would scope out before driving a big camper or motorhome down here. There is Beach access to Jeanerette beach.

Swim cart beach

Has big camping spot areas and is accessible to big rigs, It also has lots of sights to camp at and if you turn to the right you will see the campsites that you are able to park side on and you will get an ocean view. There is drop toilets here but no fresh drinking water. There is also a day use area here. It has beach access to Swim cart beach.

Cosy corner south

Has limited access to large vehicles and would be another campsite, I would scope out before you bring your big vehicle down here. There is 1 drop toilet but like the other campsites there is no drinking water. There is many campsite here but they are small and not a very big area to camp. There is beach access to Cosy corner south beach.

Sloop reef camp

This is the campsite we decided to stay whilst at the Bay of fires. It has two camping areas one is signed and the other road is not. The signed camp area is quit small and doesn’t have beach access but you can walk over the rocks. The other side is also quit a small camp area you can either park to the right on the rocks we did notice some caravans here and you get epic ocean views. If you park to the left there is about 4-5 camp spots this is where we parked up and we were lucky enough to get the spot where you get a epic beach view. This area is not easy to get into if you have a big rig and you are not able to go through the large puddle as its about knee deep and we didn’t venture into the middle of the puddle. This camp is well worth it as its an epic base to explore the bay of fires and has an awesome beach to swim at called Taylors beach. There is no toilets or facilities at this campsite. I would recommend you scope out the area before parking a big vehicle in here.

Cosy corner north

Has big campsites and has Access to large vehicles there is also drop toilets here. This is a small campsite and doesn’t have many spots, it also has access to Cosy corner north Beach.

If You were wondering what to do at the Bay of Fires we have a video Click Here.

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