Hiking The Beautiful Cathedral Rock

Hiking the Beautiful Cathedral rocks is a challenging 9 km hike and will take about 4-5 hours return. It is located on the outskirts of Wellington park. Parking for the beginning of the walk is by the North West Bay River just off Betts road in Neika. The walk begins by walking about 500 meters up Betts road before the path connects back to the river. You will then walk along the river before the track quickly climbs 600 meters, zig zagging its way up the jagged dolerite peak at 880 meters above sea level. You will be rewarded with views of Southern Tasmania and look down into the valley below. While in Hobart click Here for the Top things to do in Hobart.

Hiking the Beautiful Cathedral rock- Naomi sitting on top of cathedral rock
The peak

Getting there
Getting to Cathedral rocks is easy it is a short 30 minute drive from Hobart city. You can access the trailhead just off Betts road in Neika about 11km out of Fern tree. Drive down betts road crossing over a small bridge. You will notice a small car park to your right, this is where you will park your car and walk the remainder of Betts road to the beginning of the walk in Wellington Park.

The trail
From the carpark the walk starts walking along a private road for a few hundred meters before meeting back at the North West Bay River and the beginning of Wellington park. The first 2 km is walking along the river through beautiful forests.

The start of the trail

The track then joins onto a fire trail which will be followed for majority of the walk. This is where the track begins to get tough the next 3.5km of the trail climbs steeply and zig-zagging its way up Betts Hill. Once you reach the top of betts hill this is the base of cathedral rock here is where you will take a right straight up towards the peak.

The North Bay River

The trail then climbs even more steeply along the back face of the rock. When nearing the top the trail opens up onto rocky footing. Once at the top after the short challenging climb you are welcomed by great views towards North West Bay and back over Mount Wellington. Return via the same route.

The trail to the peak of cathedral rock

Cathedral Rock is one of the steeper walks in Wellington Park and although the climb is challenging, the beautiful river and mountain views make it an extremely worthwhile walk.

The view from the top of Cathedral rock

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