Hiking to the beautiful Cube Rock

Hiking cube rock- Stefan and naomi standing in front of Little Blue Lake
Little Blue Lake

Hiking Cube Rock Trail at Little Blue Lake

Hiking the Cube Rock Trail is a challenging 5km hike and will take about 2-3 hours to complete. Parking for the beginning on the walk is located at Little Blue Lake carpark. When you arrive Head to the end of the carpark. The walk begins through the yellow gate onto the four wheel drive track. You will then walk along the 4 wheel drive track till you see a red square. Follow the marker and you will notice more markers along the way. You will then reach a river crossing, Find a way across the creek. We found a log to walk across but it was very slippery. From here it is a steady incline up the mountain to Cube Rock. You will be rewarded with views across Cameron regional reserve and at the very top you will be able to see a glimpse of the little blue lake. Click Here to see other things to do in the North East Tasmania

Getting To Cube Rock

It is located just 35km from Branxholm in Cameron Regional reserve. You can access the trail head just off Gladstone road, You can easily miss the sign to little blue lake. Walk past the yellow gate down the old vehicle track. There is another water-filled mining hole on your left. Keep walking till you see a small red square and then a small sign “to Cube Rock”. Now you can follow the signs all the way to the Cube Rock.

Hiking to Cube Rock

Once you reach Saffire creek carefully slide down the banks of the creek and step onto the rocks across the narrow stream. After heavy rainfall it is fairly challenging to cross the creek without taking your shoes off and walking across. We opted for another route which was through the bushes to a very slippery log across the narrow creek. We do not advise this but it is an option. When we were heading back down some other hikers had built up some sticks to cross the creek but looked just as unstable. Once you have got across the creek the walk is a steady uphill climb. Isn’t it true all walks with a view involves an uphill climb? But don’t be put off as the walk has its challenging parts it is classed as a moderate walk. You would want to have a level of good fitness and wear a good pair of shoes.

The track

The track to cube rock is fairly well marked, although the track isn’t well formed in places. The time we went was after some very crazy high winds and rain so there was a few trees that had recently falling down. This did make it trickier to navigate the path but when you think you are lost look up and you should see a marker putting you back on track. When you reach the first major granite slab you can walk around a boulder to the left of the path which will take you out to a view over Mount Cameron. Once your back on the main path don’t be tempted to walk straight, take the track to the left up another massive granite slab and around the ridge line up to cube rock.

360 views of Cameron Regional Park

Once you have reached the top you will be rewarded with 360 views of Cameron Regional Reserve and a massive rock Balancing on the massive granite slab this is Cube rock. Continue past cube rock to the end of the large granite slab where you will get a glimpse of little blue lake. Return Via the same route. This walk has got its challenging parts and you may loose the path at some point but it is totally worth adding this walk when your visiting little blue lake if your after a little challenge.

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