All The Best Free Things To Do In Huonville

Huon Valley

The best free things to do in the Huon Valley which is located 30 minutes south of Hobart, The Huon Valley is where you will notice an abundances of road side stalls selling apples and other fresh farm produce. Huonville sits on banks of the Huon river. Click here for the best affordable campsites in the Huon Valley

Huon valley- Views over Huonville
Looking over the town of Huonville

Huon valley-Pagan cider Cellar door

Is in the town of Cygnet just 15 minutes away from the town of Huonville. It serves delicious ciders and offers taste testing at there cellar door. They also provide a indoor and outdoor seating area where you can enjoy a meal and a cider. To find out more about there cider click Here

Pagan Cider
Pagan Cider Chill out zone

Willie smith apple shed

About a 10 minute drive out of Huonville is willie smith apple shed. Offers tours Thursday to Monday from 2pm, the tour goes for about 45 minutes. You will take a stroll through the distillery and they will introduce you to the process of creating their unique cider, spirits and fine apple brandies. During the tour you’ll get to taste their spirits including their Apple Spirit and several of their Apple Brandy, it is $48 per person. They also offer the premium experience for $95 per person. If your after just checking out the apple shed it’s open to the public at 10am everyday, where your able to have a bite to eat where they offer a seasonal menu or try 4 different ciders in their $12 tasting paddle. They also offer a self guided tour of the apple museum where you can lean about the infamous ‘apple isle’. it takes around 20 minutes to complete with many storyboards along the way, they also have a infamous apple wall which contains over 390 varieties of apples, It’s worth a gander.

The apple shed

Huon Bush Retreats

An epic Bush retreat set in amongst the forest they have a Private nature reserve, The nature reserve is for the Public but you are also able to stay at the retreat. The retreat is in a peaceful and secluded forest with accommodation for couples and families, including self-contained studio and two bedroom cabins, teepees and campgrounds. To explore and learn about the retreat click Here. Getting to the retreat is 4km of winding, steep and gravelly roads although you don’t need a 4wd to get here you will need to be comfortable on gravel roads.

Entrance to Huon Bush Retreats

Mt misery

Is a 6 km 2 hour return walk to the top of Mt Misery The walk begins through the Tall tree loop, this is a moderate track, make sure to look up through the loop as you will notice how these tall trees are, from the end of the track you will have the option to finish your walk here or continue towards Mt Misery walking an extra 10 minutes you will make your way through the rainforest walk.

The trail to Mt Misery

From the end of the rainforest walk the track goes steadily up towards the top of the mountain. after about 40 minutes you will make it to the plateau which looks like the top of Mt Misery but if you continue along the track about 20 minutes further up the track you will find the end of the track and the top of Mt misery with views looking over the south west national park.

The trail

The Summit

The Path to the summit is very steep and has many steps to the top, at the times the path can be quit muddy.

The summit of Mt misery

The Lighting Tree

On the return you will have the Option to detour or return via the hidden falls and the lighting tree a 20 minute return.

The lighting tree
Hidden falls

As you drive into the bush retreat you will notice a lookout it is a a short walk and will only take 1 minute to view the lighting tree.

The lookout of the lighting tree

Another short walk is to the labyrinth.


Huon river Jet boat

Prices start from $85 per adult. The Jet boat races you along the riverbanks of the Huon river it is the only white rapid jet boat in Australia. It weaves in and out of the forest and over exciting rapids, through 360 degree spins. The jet boat ride lasts about 35 minutes. It runs all year around for more information about the times the boat leaves click Here.

The Huon River Kayak launching platform

Kayaking along the river

The other option is to Kayak down the Huon river starting at the Judbury bridge. You will need someone to drop you off or someone to pick you up at either end this journey is about 12km one way and will take about 2-3 hours, make sure you keep your eyes out for platypus along the way. We didn’t have a second car or someone to drop us off so we started our journey at the end of Helen street in Ranelagh close to where our camp was. We did have to paddle up stream and then float back on the way back down the river. It was still a very nice kayak ride but I would imagine floating all the way down the river would be way easier than paddling up stream. Whatever way you decide to do it, it’s nice to get out on the Huon river and explore

The Huon river

Skinner creek walk

Walk along the skinner creek a nice walk in the forest following boardwalks and well made paths through the forest.

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