The Beautiful Montezuma Falls in West Tasmania

Montezuma falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Tasmania at 104 meters tall. This is a very impressive waterfall to visit and is definitely worth the walk out. You follow the old tramway which was abandoned in the 1800’s. The trail is 8 km return walk which will take about 3 hours to complete, The track also is suited to mountain bikes along the same path as the walkers to the falls. Once at the falls it does continue along a 4wd track to Melba flats, we were unable to complete the track as it had huge deep puddles to pass. We camped at the Golf course in Zeehan which was located 30 minutes away check out more Camps in west Tasmania Here.

This was the 4WD track!

The Walking Track

Follows the old North East Dundas Tramway route, that once used to run between Zeehan and Williamsford in the 1890s. This was then abandoned and now is a feature of the trail you will also pass a mine shaft just before the waterfall. The trail is very scenic and as you walk along the trail you will notice the lush rainforests and spot some epic side waterfalls.

This is one of the epic side waterfalls

Once you arrive at Montezuma Falls you will notice a the suspension bridge to the right. The path also continues which allows you to get a closer look at the falls, the lookout gives a great perspective on how tall this waterfall really is.

The suspension bridge

The bridge is not for the faint hearted as you step on the bridge you will notice the bridge has a lot of sway and just wide enough for one person. It is totally worth walking across. As you wonder across you will see the waterfall directly to the left and the view out to the rainforest on the right. You return along the same trail.

Click Here to watch the Vlog on this destination.

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