Places to Stop From Beautiful Shark bay to Exmouth

A road-trip up the Coral Coast of Western Australia is one of the best road-trips you could do in Australia! Shark Bay is located 8 hours from Perth. There are so many unique attractions along the drive with plenty to see and do. In this Blog I have put together all the places you can visit with a 2WD as the roads are sealed. You could also add the popular Quobba Blow holes which is located 50km off the main road. There is plenty of 4wd tracks from here all the way to Coral Bay.

Worramel River Retreat

Open from 1st March to 1st December, it is a great place to stop and relax for a couple of nights.
Things to do
– Bathe in the naturally heated artesian bore baths. The water temperature is around 33 degrees.
-Spend the morning wandering along the river.
– Head to the Upside down cafe. Click Here for the menu.


The Cactus Garden

The Cactus Garden is located on the located on South River Road, part of the Fruit Loop Drive Trail. This cool little spot is literally one of the local plantations front garden

Coral Bay

Five finger reef

You’ll find this magic place about 4km south of Coral Bay town, just off Monck Head Drive on your way to the Coral Bay Boat Ramp. It’s extremely well sign posted, and providing you stick near the coastline on your way down you won’t get lost. The track in is 4WD accessible only as the track is corrugated and sandy in sections. You can park at the boat ramp and walk to the Reef it is about a 30 minute walk.

Coral bay Main Beach

Although the coral here is slowly dyeing when we visited there was still a fair few fish and its a great place to swim right near town.

Charles Knife Canyon

Shot hole Canyon

You can enter from Charles Knife Lookout road or the Shot Hole Canyon road. The track here to the shot hole canyon is officially closed. So it is best to access Shot Hole Canyon from the Thomas Carter Lookout The Badjirrajirra Loop Trail is 8km, class four trail that is often rough and requires moderate to high level of fitness.  The walk also offers views of Shothole Canyon and Exmouth Gulf.

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