The Best Places To See On Beautiful Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is located 20km Off-Shore Perth and is one of the best places to visit when in Western Australia. Dutch captain Willem de Vlamingh spent 6 days exploring the island before giving it the name “Rats’ Nest Island” after the quokkas which he first thought they were giant rats. In this blog post i’m going to share the best places to see on this beautiful Island.

How To Get To Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is located 20km off the coast of Western Australia. You can get there by ferry from Fremantle, either B shed or Northport Or from Perth (Barrack Street). Booking is essential either from Sealink or Rottnest Express. The ferry trip is 30 minutes from Fremantle and 1 hour and half from Perth (Barrack street). Ferry prices with Sea link or Rottnest Express start from $59 from Fremantle and $99 from Perth (Barrack street). Ferry prices listed above was in April 2023 and is for an adult fare return, There is also a $20 island admission fee.

Getting around the Island

The use of cars on the island is prohibited. You can get around on either a Bike Or Bus. You can also bring your own Eletric rideable which we did on our trip it cost $15 each electric item you bring. Exploreing the island by your own rideable or Hireing one is the best way around the island. For more information about Hireing a bike on the island. Click Here. Bike hire starts from $30 per day or an electric bike from $71 plus a $200 security deposit. The bus is convenient way to see the island if you only have a day to see the island the bus stop at 19 different places on the island. Tickets are from $25. Click Here for more information.

Where to stay on the Island

There is arrange of different accommodation to suit all budgets. There is the campground which is $40 per night. The campground has BBQs and a bathroom block. For the campground make sure you bring your own plates and utensils and also a good esky as the island doesn’t have fridges or utensils. There is a general store for any essentials you are missing and to buy some ice for your esky. This is where we stayed for our 2 nights on the island. Other accommodation on the island are cabins, Hostels, Bed and breakfast, Glamping tents, Hotels and Oceanview apartments. There is also cottages you can stay in where you can fit up to 8 guests in some of the cottages. The accommodation book up fast so make sure to book your stay before booking the ferry to the island.

Cycle to The West End

It’s an easy 10 kilometers on a flat bitumen road from Thomson Bay Settlement. The West End is the Westernmost Point on Rottnest island with a beautiful rugged coastline.

Wadjeump Lighthouse

To gain the ultimate view across the whole island, head to Wadjemup Lighthouse. Which is located at the highest hill on Rottnest Island. The Lighthouse is 38-metre-high, which was constructed in 1896 and is the fourth tallest in Australia.

Visit the beaches and Go Snorkeling

Little Salmon Beach and Parker Point. You can bring your own snorkel gear or hire it at the main area from $20 per day.

Armstrong Bay

The bay has pristine clear water and white-soft sand and calm waters.

Pinky Beach

Located across the dunes from the Discovery Parks Rottnest Island. There’s Bathurst Lighthouse at one end of the beach and protected spots to beat the heat for a swim, kayak, SUP or snorkel. 

Geordie Bay

There are self-contained cabins dotted along the bay and is one of the most popular sandy beaches on the island. There is a small cove at Geordie Bay. To get to it continue heading to West end as you get to the bottom of a hill you will see a sign saying fishing. This is a great place to snorkel. You could also swim over from the main Geordie Beach area.

Thomson Bay

Thomson Bay has a roped-off swimming area, making it very popular with young families.

The Basin

It is best to visit this beach in the morning when the sea is calmer. This beach can get packed throughout the day as it is a beach that’s easy to get to from the the main area.

Meet the Quokkas

The Quokkas can be found all over the island. We noticed a lot of the quokkas do hang near the main settlement of the island or Kingstown Barrack. The Quokkas are most active at night.

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