The Best Places To Visit In The Beautiful Kununurra East Kimberley

Kununurra is located on the border of Western Australia and Northern Territory up the very top of Australia located in the East Kimberley’s. There is Plenty to do in Kununurra including paddling along tranquil lakes, swimming in gorges below waterfalls and hiking through rugged national parks. To Get to Most places outside of Kununurra it is best to have a 4WD as most of the places have roads that are unsealed and the roads are quite corrugated.

Lake Argyle

The expansive Lake Argyle is a freshwater, man-made reservoir that was formed in 1963. As part of the Upper Ord River, the lake stretched for 56 kilometres and passes through some of the region’s most scenic landscapes, including the magnificent Carlton Gorge and plenty of cliffs, rock overhangs and waterfalls. A cruise along its waters is the best way to view these incredible natural features – you’ll need to book this online before your visit. You can also stay at Lake Argyle Resort or use the Infinity Pool for the day. Unpowered campsites are from $54 per night and Day Passes are from $12 per person. Click Here to Book.

Hike in Mirima National Park

Often dubbed a ‘mini Bungle Bungle range’, the incredible Mirima National Park is filled with fascinating rock formations, a diverse range of plant and animal species, and some of Kununurra’s best walking trails. One of the most popular trails is the 2-kilometre Gerliwany-gerring Banan Trail, which weaves through some of the park’s lush Savannah woodlands along the floor of Hidden Valley.

Climb up Kelly’s Knob

This epic lookout is the highest point in Kununurra. Boasting 360-degree views of the town, the Ord River, Elephant Rock and Lake Kununurra, the lookout is located a few kilometres out of town and can be reached on a 1.2-kilometre walk from the car park area. The walk can be challenging at times, so enclosed footwear and a bit of hiking experience is recommended. The best time to visit is at sunset or sunrise. Unfortunately we were unable to climb to the top as there was a bushfire and the road in was closed when we visited.

Visit the Kangaroo Haven Wildlife Rescue Centre

This family-owned wildlife sanctuary was established in 2011, and has successfully released more than 650 joeys back into the wild during its nine years of operation. Working closely with the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife, the rescue team look after not only kangaroos, but also emus and birds on their 10-acre property a 20-minute drive out of Kununurra. The centre runs tours of their enclosures daily (you’ll need to book online at least 24 hours before arriving), where you’ll be able to bottle feed and cuddle young joeys, meet emus and larger kangaroos, and learn about daily life at the sanctuary.

Elephant Rock

The drive to Elephant Rock is approximately 10 minutes from Kununurra. Allocate 1-1.5 hours for a comfortable hike up the ridge. It is a is a large rock formation located on the banks of the Ord River. The hike to the top offers incredible views of the Ord River and surrounds.

Button’s Crossing Campground

An awesome free campground accessible to 4WD only, we did manage to get our big caravan down the corrugated road but We wouldn’t recommend it if you are not comfortable.

Molly Springs

Molly Springs is a gorgeous little spring fed pool and waterfall about 30km from Kununurra (towards Wyndham). The pool is only a few meters across so a little cosy sometimes! It is however a lovely shady place to swim and cool off.

El Questro

El Questro is accessible by 2WD up to Zebedee springs. But the road isn’t sealed and is quite corrugated and there is a few dry creek bed crossings.

Zebedee Springs

Is an easy walk and well shaded to the year round hot pools around 28-32 degrees year round. The trail, which leads you through dense Livistona Palms to a series of rocky thermal pools. Set at the base of sheer cliffs these thermal springs are the perfect place to relax. It’s worth noting that Zebedee Springs is only open between 7:00am and 12:00pm so plan your morning around a visit to the Springs. We got there as soon as the gates open and there was only one other couple here.

El Questro Gorge

Walk along this narrow spring-fed creek through palm and fern trees to a small, crystal clear swimming hole. Where you can relax in the beautiful rainforest. From this half way point the more adventurous can continue on a path, which increases in difficulty, for another 1.5 hours to reach the top where another crystal clear pool and another beautiful waterfall awaits you. To the half way pool which is halfway the trail is classed as Blue, relatively easy with some sections of broken rock and riverbed. From the halfway point the trail turns Red and becomes more difficult. The trail becomes less obvious and gets more challenging, this section is recommended for the fit and adventurous.

Amalia Gorge

Amalia Gorge is best seen just after the wet season when a group of waterfalls flow from one pool to the next. In the dry season it’s a fairly easy walk with some rock scrambling and ledge hopping involved. The trail leads to a waterfall and a beautiful pool half way and yet another pool at the top.

Emma Gorge

Emma Gorge is one of the best known gorges of the Kimberley. Enjoy a challenging, partially shaded, one hour walk to a large cooling waterhole, perfect for a well-deserved swim. Set at the base of towering 65m cliffs, the waterhole is graced by a droplet waterfall and a small thermal water outlet, which trickles down from the surrounding rocks.

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