The best reasons to explore beautiful Railton

There are many reasons to explore beautiful Railton and there is something for everyone here. There is newly built mountain bike trails check them out Here. Hike to Redwater creek waterfall or hike to Kimberly lookout. In Railton it self it is famous for Topiary check out the trail map Here. In summer you can also kayak down the Mersey river. There is an adventure for everyone here, check out the best affordable camps in North West Tasmania Here.

Wild Mersey mountain bike trail

Wild Mersey mountain bike trail has just recently completed its first and Second stage in December 2018. The project has been split into 3 stages with the first stage being in La Trobe at Warrawee Forest reserve. The second a 10km trail linking Warrawee to Railton and beginner loops just outside of Railton. The third is single track into the Badger ranges just off the Railton to Sheffield rail trail, this Stage should be completed by September 2021. The mountain bike trails range from easy green tracks to hard black tracks. All while you are surrounded in a forest make sure you pack lunch so you can stop along the way and take in the beautiful views.

beautiful Railton- Mersey mountain bike trails

Express trail

There is one trail from Railton along the Railton express trail this track is a 10.9 km dual direction track from Railton to Warrawee reserve in La Trobe. It is listed as a Green track with some windy paths but is generally not too tricky of a track. It may be a little tricky for the younger ones and if you aren’t very experienced mountain bike rider. As this trial has got a few steep hills and some of the windy tight paths that will make it hard.

Bee line track

In Latrobe you will begin your ride on the Bee line track this track will take you to the top of the mountain bike trails. From here you can branch off too many other mountain bike trails choosing from easy to Moderate. At the very top of the mountain there is the Mersey track. This is the hardest track and is not for the faint hearted. It’s for experienced riders only, as it takes you down the mountain on tight windy paths and is very steep.

Take a Look at this website for more information and what coloured tracks there are Here.

La Trobe

Bells Parade and Pig Island Pig Island begins at Bells parade Main Parking. Begin by walking across the bridge to pig island which is about a 850m circuit around the island and will take about 40 minutes this path is well formed with some tree roots across the path so solid footwear is recommended, the path provides plenty of shade.Bells Parade walk begins at the same car park but heads towards la Trobe town (Gilbert street). The walk follows alongside Mersey river for about 770m, keep your eyes open you may be lucky enough to spot a platypus along this path (we were not lucky enough).

Mersey river Kayaking

We have an inflatable kayak and kayaked down this river although it does provide a few challenging areas and many rapids we never went overboard! Despite a few close calls. I would highly recommend canoeing or kayaking down this river and it is possible with an inflatable kayak too.

We began our journey down the river just off native plains road in Railton and kayaked all the way to La Trobe at Warrawee forest reserve. It took around 6 hours but provided many hours of fun and we were lucky enough to catch the Tasmania’s sun for the entire day. I would recommend checking the weather as it wouldn’t be much fun on a rainy day although the rapids would be a lot more extreme.

Other places to check out whilst staying in this area

Lake Barrington

You Can swim, kayak, Jet ski and water ski on the lake this area also provides a free camping area with picnic shelters, BBQ’s and toilets.

Lake Barrington

Day trip to Devonport

A short 25 minutes and 24 km from Railton you will get to Devonport. When we got to Devonport we used our electric scooter and unicycle, you could also ride your bicycle on the trail. The Trail starts at Devonport and finishes at The don, it is an 8 km one way trail. On this path you will also go past the Mersey bluff lighthouse.

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