Top Free Things To See On The Amazing Bruny Island

Bruny Island is one of Tasmania’s southernmost island. It is easily accessible by car only a short 45 minute drive away from Hobart. Once you arrive at Kettering you will then hope on a boat where you can take your car, caravan or Motorhome. Bruny Island is popular for day trips, but there is so many things to see and do on Bruny we spent a week on the Island, I would say 1 week on the island is a perfect amount of time to truly see everything on the island. The length of Bruny is 100 km long and has a north side and the south side which is connected by a isthmus called the neck. You will need a car to get around the island where you will be able to truly explore everything on the island. Click Here to see Affordable camping on Bruny Island

Cape Queen Elizabeth Cliff top walk

Bruny Island Ferry

Once you arrive at Kettering you will then hope on the ferry where you can take your car, caravan or Motorhome. The Ferry fares start from $38 including your car. A handy tip if you go before 7:30am or after 5pm you will save some money, we choose to get the ferry across at 5:30pm and we saved ourselves $15. For more information on the ferry Click here for the timetable and fares. Your ferry ticket includes the return ferry back to Kettering. The Ferry leaves every 30 minutes and takes 15-20 minutes across.

Places to stay

There is a plenty of campgrounds on Bruny Island some are paid and some are free. On the north there is wood cutters RV Park and Bruny Island landscape supplies which is from $20 per night they also have powered sites. Wood cutters RV park cost $10 per night we stayed here on our second week on Bruny island and spent 2 nights here, it was a perfect spot see North Bruny. This camp is for self contained vehicles only and has no facilities.

bruny island- The sunsetting over the bay with our caravan
Wood cutters RV park

On the south their is Jetty Beach campground $10 per night, this camp is near Bruny Island Lighthouse and is a great place to stay right on the beach also there is drop toilets available.

Jetty Beach

Near Cloudy Bay you have pines campground which is accessible to larger vehicles and 2wd. This camping area is quite small and has fairly uneven ground. There is also a drop toilet at this camp. The second camp at Cloudy Bay is on accessible to 4wd and cost $10 per night. At low tide drive along cloudy Bay beach then follow a track up to the Campsite.

Cloudy Bay Campground

Adventure Bay

The game neck reserve and a free camp about 4km away from Adventure bay. Both are really good campgrounds and both really great bases to see South Bruny. The game neck reserve camp is $10 per night it has very easy access to the beach and toilet facilities. We stayed 4km away from adventure Bay it was an old day use area and now a free campground, it is just off the main road when heading towards Adventure bay it has no signs saying it is a campsite but follow the directions on Wiki camps.

Our Camp in Adventure Bay

Our camp

It was a nice place to camp it has no facilities but when we were there a couple of cars with roof top tents did camp there to. From the campground their is 4wd track where you are able to walk down at the end of the track you have will reach the ocean. You are also able to camp down here if you have a 4wd i would recommend walking down the path before taking your 4wd down, There is only really one maybe two car spots down here and then space for a few tents.

The 4 wheel drive track
Where the path leads to

South Bruny Island

Is the main area people head to when they arrive on Bruny island it has all the walks and the places to explore. On North Bruny many people tend to just do a loop of the north then head back to the south to camp. We decided to do two nights on the north and stayed at woodcutters RV park it was $10 per night a very nice campsite with one of the best sunsets I’ve seen on Tasmania. On our second day on the North we went exploring, we drove out Denes point and walked along the beach to the point it is 1.5km return walk and is a fairly easy track, we then headed to Barnes Bay where we walked out to the jetty. It has very rugged and dry landscape on the north. When the south is lush with mountains and rainforests. It is worth visiting both sides of the island to get a really good feel for the island but if your not fully self contained it may be easier to stay on the south side of the island for your stay.

North Bruny Island

Grass Point

Is a 4km return 1.5hours A flat track and a easier version of the Cape flute track, it offers spectacular coastal views. You walk out to grass Point which is an old whaling station to views over penguin Island here is where you could continue straight up to fluted cape but I would recommend doing the circuit the other way.

Grassy point

Fluted cape walk

Is a 5km 2.5 hours return. On the Fluted Cape walk I would recommend to go Anti clockwise when you come to the first sign to fluted cape follow it.

Fluted Cape

Going this way up is a steady incline uphill and you will get to take in all the views of the cliff side on the way back down, if you choose to head to grassy point first and then up the top of cape flute it is a steady incline and way more difficult going up this way.It is totally worth the hike, and has some very epic views of the cliffs.

Views of Penguin island

Adventure bay

One of the very unique experiences to have at Bruny island is at dusk go try and spot a white wallaby, these wallabies are also known as Bennett wallaby’s and a genetic mutation gives its white fur.

Can you spot the white wallaby?

Adventure Bay Beach

Bruny island has many beaches to explore. Adventure bay is one of the main beaches that you can swim at, this beach is protected by the big waves making it a safe beach for families to swim. to the right of the main beach at low tide there is a little cove.

Adventure bay

Mt Manguna

Is a 4km return hike about 2 hour return with stops along the way. It is a beautiful walk through the rainforest.

The Path at Mt Manguna

This track starts off with a steep incline and then gradually climbs up to the top it is a fairly easy hike but wear sturdy shoes as it can get slippery and there is lots of rocks

We went up on a cloudy day so unfortunately we had no views I would assume on a clear day there may be some views over Bruny island. The road to the start of the path is an unmade road.

The view from the top of Mt Manguna

Cape Queen Elizabeth Walk

Is a 6-7 km return and about 2 hours.
At low tide you are able to access the beach and walk through Mars Bluff this will take about 1.5hours return. If you do the walk when its high tide you are still able to access the arch along the bluff track taking you up and over following the sand dunes, You will get views over the ocean as you walk along the track this will take about 2 hours return. I would recommend checking Adventure bay tides before coming to the hike, as getting to walk under the Mars bluff is pretty surreal. Parking is located across the road from Bruny Island honey .

Cape Queen Elizabeth Arch

Whether you manage to go at low tide or you get there at high tide both routes are quit Easy at low tide you can walk along the beach all the way to the arch on a wide flat trail passing under the mars bluff archway and at high tide you can walk along the bluff track there is only about 10 minutes of uphill and a gentle section of downhill.

Mars Bluff Arch way

I would recommend looking up the tides and head to the walk at low tide as we did return along the bluff track and I think going along the beach it’s much more interesting and more things to explore on the way to the arch besides a view over the neck there isn’t too much else along the bluff track.

Mavista nature walk

Is a short one way track through a rainforest. It is a well formed track until you reach 3 posts, this is where the track gets muddy and very overgrown with trees over the path. If you feel like an adventure I would recommend to continue and explore! But try and not get lost! if you do continue you will notice it is a unmade path and not well maintained.

Mavista Trail

This nature trail is worth checking out in Adventure Bay and is 45 minute return track, The first half of the walk is fairly easy. The second half is quite tricky and steep it also does kind of just end.

Cloudy Bay

Is a long stretch of beach about 3km, you can drive along the beach at low tide also there is camping on the other side of the beach which Is $10 per night the campsite is 4wd accessible only. There is a walk at cloudy Bay called the east cloudy Head walk which is a 4 hour return walk along the sea cliffs. The first 3 km is along the beach and then along a disused 4wd track. The walk is not well marked.

Cloudy bay

The Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Was built in 1836 and is the only Southern Tasmanian lighthouse open for tours. It is 114 meters tall offering spectacular views of the dolerite cliffs and offers panoramic views of the rugged South Bruny coastline. Cape Bruny light was lit for the final time in 1996, when it was replaced by a solar powered light. The walk to the lighthouse is a steep climb to the base and will take about 10 minutes to walk from the carpark. From the base you will still get magnificent views of the dolerite cliffs and views of the rugged south Bruny coastline, But if you would like to go into the lighthouse there is a number of tours during the day and is $10 per person.

The Lighthouse

Labillardiere peninsula circuit

If you head towards Jetty Beach campground there is two walks, The complete circuit is a 5 hour/14km return hike or take the shorter circuit Luggaboine circuit which is 5km / 2 hours return. Along the walk you will get amazing views over the bay.

The beginning of the Trail

The tracks is well formed with some steep uphill. You will get to explore the lesser explored corner of Bruny. Both the walks start at the same place the longer one takes you around the edge of the coastline, where the shorter walk takes you along the shortcut path across the forest. It is a well signed path so you will see where the path continues straight or turns to your right.

The trail

You cross some of the less known beaches on the peninsula if you have time I would recommend the longer circuit but if your short on time this short circuit is well worth exploring.

The beach trail

Bruny Island Bakery

When heading towards the town of Alonah you will notice two fridges just off the main road which sells fresh bread daily. This is the Bruny island bakery, it wouldn’t be a stop to Bruny without stopping at the local Bakery. Its $7.50 per loaf of bread and there is a money box to place your money in on the first fridge you will notice the tin.

The Bakery

The bread is made fresh everyday, The two fridges get stocked each day with warm sourdough bread and chocolate anzac biscuits. We bought the bread one morning and had it for breakfast it was very delicious.

The loaf of Bread


Has an amazing beach to walk along or sit and relax there is also a walk here called sheep wash walk which is an 1 hour return walk.

Alonnah Beach

The Neck Lookout

Bruny Island Neck is an isthmus of land connecting north and south Bruny Island in southern Tasmania and offers stunning 360 degree views. Also at Dusk this area is home to a colonies of penguins.

The neck lookout

The Bruny island Honey

It’s located across the road from the beginning of the track to Cape Queen Elizabeth it is worth a stop to buy some local honey from the island.

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