The Best Things To See And Do In Beautiful Whyalla

Whyalla Is the biggest city on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The drive from Adelaide is 385km and just over 4 hours. If you don’t have a car there also is a Airport in Whyalla with direct flights from Adelaide. Whyalla is also home to the Australian Giant Cuttlefish. They merge on the waters near Point Lowell between May and August each year. They’re some of the largest cuttlefish in the world! Explore the beautiful foreshore, including the shady and relaxing Ada Ryan Gardens, and when you want to escape the ocean head out to the conservation park and take in this unique environment from Mount Laura.

Thing’s to See and Do In Whyalla

Whyalla Jetty and Marina

In 2020 the newly built circular jetty opened in September, which was built using steel from the local steelworks company. Whyalla jetty is an impressive 315m long. Whyalla Beach has great facilities nearby, including adjoining Ada Ryan Gardens, barbecues, a beach cafe, workout station and children’s playground.

The Marina

Whyalla marina is the perfect way to cool off if you visit during summertime! There’s also a nearby fishing jetty. If you head to the Marina around 2 pm each day there is a pod of local dolphins. When a boat comes through the marina the dolphins follow it in and comes right up the jetty. It is the closest you will get to Dolphins all for free.

Hummock Hill Lookout

Hummock Hill offers exceptional 360 degree views. There is also history signs giving the history of the old gun emplacements.

Whyalla Wetlands

The Whyalla Wetlands are based on the remaining 24.8 hectares of the original aerodrome, which operated on this site until 1951. Take a stroll along the extensive pedestrian paths around the lakes and take advantage of the interpretive signage, park benches, bridge and the gazebo on top of central hill.

Mount Laura

Mount Laura is located in the Whyalla Conservation Park. The Start of the track is just of Iron Knob Road in Whyalla. Click here to find the track on All Trail’s. The track is moderate with quite a steep hill to the top. It is 2.9km 1 hour return hike. The conservation park is also great for 4WD.

Swim With Cuttlefish

The most unique thing to do in Whyalla is watching the annual giant cuttlefish congregation. If your lucky enough and happen to visit Between May and August. This is the cuttlefish season, where tens of thousands of giant Australian cuttlefish gather in the waters off Whyalla, South Australia to mate and spawn. South Australia is the only place in the world where the giant Australian cuttlefish gather in such numbers. To see the Cuttlefish you can head on a guided snorkel tour with Whyalla Diving Service. Or head out to Stony point on your own self guided tour. If you’re confident in the water, the cuttlefish are apparently perfectly safe to swim around and far too busy finding a mate to be bothered by humans! Head out to Point Lowly or Stony Point with your own snorkel gear to swim with the cuttlefish. You can also hire equipment from Whyalla Diving Services if you need to. It’s recommended to wear a full wetsuit at that time of year, as the water is extremely cold. At Stony Point you’ll find a boardwalk into the shallow water with a waist-height chain to hold onto. You don’t need to enter deep water to see the cuttlefish.

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