The Most Amazing Mountain Hikes In North East Tasmania

There are many mountain hikes on East Coast Tasmania some are well known and we found a few of the less known hikes. The hikes I have listed below you will be rewarded with amazing views and a sense of accomplishment. The hikes are to the peak of mountains so reasonable fitness is required. Click Here to see the most beautiful places in Tasmania.

Mt Amos at Freycient National Park

Hiking to Mt Amos is a 3.6km hike and will take about 3 hours return (Grade 4). This is an epic hike to do at the national park and I would highly recommend it. It is quit a difficult walk and can be very slippery when wet. A reasonable fitness level is required. The path starts off quite easy along a fine gravel path through the forest before you arrive at the bottom of the rocks. From here follow the yellow arrows all the way up the mountain. There is some quit tricky parts where you are scrambling the rock surface, which we discovered was quit slippery on the way down even in dry conditions. Once you reach the top you will get magnificent views of wineglass bay and hazard beach on a clear day. Make sure you check the weather before heading up so you know the skies will be clear.

Mt Amos

Wineglass bay lookout

another option to this hike would be Wineglass bay lookout. This hike is graded a 3 and will take about 1-1.5hours return, is 2.6km circuit. This hike is very steep and is not recommended for people with health issues or restricted mobility. Once you get to the lookout you will be rewarded with panoramic views over wineglass bay. You have another option to continue this hike to the bottom of wineglass bay which there is about 1000 steps to the beach and then from here you can walk to hazard beach which is a further 30 minute walk from wineglass bay making this extended loop to 11.5 km return circuit.

The climb looking out to Honeymoon Bay

Mt Maria on Maria Island

Hiking to the peak of Mt Maria is a 4 km walk up the summit. Getting to the beginning of the track follow the inland track on your bike to get to the bottom of the summit. The other option would be to walk from Darlington this is a 16km 8 hour return hike. It is quite a difficult hike with many rocks to scramble over when nearing the top, but the views make it worth it once at the top. The track is grade 4 and sits at 711 meters being the highest mountain on the island

Mt Maria

St Patricks head

This is one of the mountain peaks that is a less known hike it is a 4km 2 hour return hike. The hike up to St Patrick’s head. It begins at the end of irish road and is well sign posted. This was an awesome hike and we were rewarded with views over the east coast beaches. When you think you have reached the top you have not, continue to the other peak on the mountain the first peak has still got amazing views but the next peak reaches 694 meters. You do have to find your own way down and then up, there was a slight noticeable trail along the rocks and you will reach the summit with a metal frame at the top.

St Patricks head

Cape Huay

A beautiful walk with awe inspiring cliffs. The Cape itself has columns that plunge into the sea, This hike is 9.4km and a 4 hour return walk. It was a epic hike and we’ll worth it although we did it in not so good weather and it was very windy but it still had amazing views.The track Is a well maintained track but has many stairs and a few steep sections reasonable fitness level is required. This track is part of the 3 day and 4 night hike following the three Cape track.

Cape Huay

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