The Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit On Kangaroo Island

The beaches on Kangaroo Island are absolutely beautiful. Squeaky white sand, crystal clear water and most the beaches when we were there in May we were the only ones at the beach. In this article, you will discover the best beaches on KI. Click Here for the Best Campgrounds on Kangaroo Island.

Vivonne Bay

Vivonne Bay is by far the most famous beach on Kangaroo Island and was voted one of the best beaches in Australia. It’s located on the south coast of the island, half way between Kingscote and Flinders Chase National Park.

Stokes Bay

Stokes Bay is located in the northern part of the island and is known as the hidden beach of Kangaroo Island. When you get to the carpark, you will discover a beach mainly made of rocks (depending on the tide). Don’t stop here because that’s not actually where the beach is. If you walk on the rocks towards the rocky cliffs you will find a little passage though the rocks. There is a sign indicating ‘beach’ with an arrow. Walk through the caves to reach the beach. The rock pool is pretty shallow and of course, protected from the waves, making Stokes Bay one of the best swimming beaches on Kangaroo Island.

Emu Bay

If you are looking for a large beach, Emu Bay is perfect as It’s 4 km long. This white sandy beach is one of the most popular on the island. The sand is white and soft

Pennington Bay

Located in the Southern part of the island, Pennington Bay is one of the most underrated places on Kangaroo Island. It’s well known by surfers as it is one of the best surfing spots on the island.

Hanson Bay

Hanson’s Bay is Kangaroo Island’s best-kept secret. The sand is so white and the water so blue. I would go as far as to say that it is the best beach in Kangaroo Island. Hanson Bay is located on the southern coast of the island, nestled between Flinders Chase National Park and Kelly Hill Conservation Park. Hanson Bay Beach is much smaller than the other beaches. To make the best of the experience, walk up the dunes (on the righthand side of the beach) and up to the cliffs. From there, the views over the bay are even more breath-taking and you can truly see the beautiful colours.

Snelling Beach

Located on the northern part of the island, 20 minutes drive from Stokes Bay, Snelling Beach is a beautiful small beach where you can swim and surf.

Western Rive Cove Beach

Is protected by steep headlands on either side, boasting white sands and picture perfect blue water. It is one of the smaller beaches on the island but the drive down is picture perfect and worth heading out to if your in the area. Once at the beach head down and over the bridge and follow the river down to the beach.

D’estrees Bay

D’Estrees Bay is located on the eastern side of the Cape Ganthaume/Seal Bay Park area. This area is very remote and is a popular spot to surf and camp. We visited Tadpole Cove which is a beautiful look out looking out to the crystal blue water and white sandy beach below. We headed down to the cove and walked along the rocks to the caves.

Antechamber Bay

Located on the north coast of Kangaroo Island just 15 minutes from Penneshaw. Antechamber Bay is a 4.2 km long, northeast facing beach. It’s in Lashmar Conservation Park. There is a beautiful view point from Chapman river campground where you get beautiful views over looking the river and the ocean.

Brown’s Beach

A beautiful sheltered and easily accessible beach. Brown’s beach is located on the north coast of the island only 15 minutes from Penneshaw. You will pass this beach as you head towards Kingscote. This beach is great for swimming and snorkeling in summer.

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