The Most Beautiful Hikes Around Adelaide

You don’t have to wander too far from Adelaide CBD for a nature hike. Adelaide is surrounded by reserves and national parks that are overflowing with native bushland and wildlife. A network of hiking trails will lead you to impressive lookouts that take in views of Adelaide’s gorges and coastlines. And the waterfalls and rockpools will leave you feeling like you are truly away from it all. In this blog I have put together the best hikes around Adelaide.

River Torrens Linear Trail

The River Torrens Trail is 35km long and can be done in smaller sections. So you can create your own walking loop depending on the distance you feel like doing. The trail extends inland from Athelstone in the Adelaide Hills and follows the river on both sides to the coastal town of Henley. A beautiful loop is the 12km section from the Adelaide CBD to Henley Beach.

Belair National Park

There is a fair few trails in the national park a popular and beautiful trail is the waterfall trail. This trail is 6.5km circuit and allow 2 hours for this hike. This scenic trail takes you past two stunning waterfalls (an upper and lower) as well as the Echo Tunnel which passes under the train line. Although there was no water at the waterfall is was still a very beautiful hike.

Three waterfall loop- Morialta Conservation Park

This circuit is 7.5km 3.5 hour return circuit. This hike visits all three of the waterfalls in Morialta Conservation Park. The hike skirts around the edge of the gorge with views of the cliffs and city views. It then continues up Fourth Creek past First Falls, Second Falls and Third Falls. As the Falls had no water flowing we decided to head down to the cave and not to the third waterfall. The best time to visit the park is after heavy rain fall. You can also walk the shorter 1.7km 45 minute circuit to the first falls and the cave.

Glacial Hike-Hallet Cove Boardwalk

A 2km circuit hike of Hallett Cove Conservation Park exploring some of the outstanding geological sites. There is Interpretive signs along the way explain some of the sites. The cliff tops are the base of a glacial lake that melted 270 million years ago, leaving boulders and sedimentary deposits. You can also walk along the baordwalk and get views over the ocean.

Longridge Lookout

The Sugarloaf ciruit is 5.8km 3.5 hour return Hike. The beautiful hike begins at waterfall

Anstey Recreation Park

The yellowtail loop the circuit is 7.5km 3 hour return loop. This 7.5km loop walk around Ansteys Hill Recreation Park includes some steep climbs, superb views over the Adelaide Plains, some of the wildlife of the park, and the ruins of Newmans Nursery.

Black Hill Summit

An beautiful short circuit hike through Black Hill Conservation Park to the summit of Black Hill. The trail is mostly narrow walking track, with some fire track at the top. The circuit is 4.2km 2 hour return hike. At the beginning of the trail it is quite steep and rocky terrain.

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