This Is the Best Places To Explore in Beautiful Collie

Collie is a regional mining town in Western Australia South West. It’s about a two-hour drive from Perth, making it an ideal destination for day trips and weekend getaways. Although the town is small, there are several outdoor activities and attractions in the Collie River Valley region.

Follow the Scenic Lennard Drive

The Rapids, Little Rock and Big Rock

The drive starts at Wellington Dam near the kiosk beside the dam. You will first stop past the rapids a fast-moving part of the Collie River. You can stop here for a picnic or a swim in the calm water. Next you will find little rock. A path will lead you to the picnic area and the water. The sloping granite banks are gentler, and the water is slow, pooling at the shallow part and then cascading over rocks into a deeper pool.

Long Pool

The last stop along the drive is Long Pool. You can access it from the wooden deck by the picnic area.

Honeymoon Pool

The last swimming spot is Honey Moon Pool. Turn right into River Road at the T junction and at the end of Lennard Drive it’ll take you over a bridge and into Honeymoon Pool. Honeymoon Pool, part of Wellington National Park, is shaded by a canopy of peppermint trees. A large wooden deck extends out through the river offering easy access into the water.

Wellington Dam

See the Mural at Wellington Dam. Wellington Dam is one of the most impressive dams in Australia, thanks to the 8,000 sqm mural that covers the wall. World-renowned Australian artist, Guido Van Helten, completed the work in February 2021, which is believed to be the world’s biggest dam mural. 

Relax at the quarry

The quarry is a large grassed area with barbecues and picnic tables along Wellington Dam Wall. The quarry was formed during the construction of the wall when material was required. It’s the perfect place to have a picnic.

Potter’s Gorge

Sika dual-use trail – 9.8 km loop
This walking and cycling trail starts at the kiosk and heads north through jarrah forest with views over the Collie Valley. The pool at Potters Gorge is a lovely place to stop with its good swimming and picnic areas.

Swim at Black Diamond Lake Collie

Black Diamond Lake is arguably one of the most popular things to do in Collie. This lake was originally a mine site but now attracts people due to its stunning turquoise colour (best when sunny). Although swimming is allowed at Black Diamond Lake, signs warn that you swim at your own risk. Due to being an old mining site, the water has a low PH which can cause skin and eye irritation. Microbiological testing is carried out from November to May each year when the water temperature is higher and has a higher risk level. However, even if the results are clear, you should avoid putting your head under water. Click Here for more information on the water quality.

 Kayak at Stockton Lake

Stockton Lake is another old open-cut mine converted into an artificial lake. The calm waters are perfect to swim and kayak and are also popular for boating and water skiing. While swimming is allowed, you swim at your own risk as the water is mildly acidic due to past mining.

 Visit Minninup Pool

Minninup pool is used for cooling off during the summer, fishing, and canoeing. Picnic tables and toilet facilities are available here.

Collie River Walk-10 km return

Park at the Soldiers Memorial Park and embark on this picturesque trail that follows the Collie River. There are picnic sites along the way and a cool swinging suspension bridge.

Another popular activity in Collie is the Mountain bike trails. Head out to the Arklow trails and explore one of the many MTB Tracks. You can hire a bike from the kiosk near the dam. Click Here for more information.

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