Top 10 amazing things to see and do in Launceston

The top 10 amazing things to see in Launceston or ‘Launnie’ as the locals call it, is filled with abundance of things to do being the second largest city in Tasmania you will always find something to do in this city. Whether hiking is your thing or relaxing on a river cruise Launceston has it all. In no particular order below is the top 10 things to do in Launceston. Click Here to see all the Campsites in the North East Tasmania.

Top 10 amazing things-Launceston river Trail looking out to Tamar river

1.Walk or river cruise on the Tamar River

There is plenty of paths following along the river, where you can take a relaxing stroll along the North Esk river. Just 5 minutes out of Launceston just off henry street is the north Esk river trail here you can ride your bike or walk the path it is a fairly easy walk, it’s 2.2km one way.

There are two types of River cruises:

Option one is cataract gorge cruise starting prices are from $15 for a child and $33 for an adult it is a 50-minute cruise where you will get to cruise through the gorge and under the king’s bridge.
Option two is Tamar river cruise from here you can choose the morning or there are two afternoon cruises starting prices from $89 for adults and $40 for child these cruises go for 2.5hours and include cataract gorge.
There is also the option of Batman bridge luncheon cruise which includes a local Tasmanian cheese platter and local Tasmania wines starting prices from $135 for adults and $70 for a child. This cruise goes for 4 hours and also includes cataract gorge.

Cataract gorge- boat cruise

2.Experience Cataract Gorge

It is a nice 15-minute walk along the Tamar River or a 2-minute drive from Launceston CBD. There is two ways into the gorge from kings Bridge Entrance.

Cataract Gorge reserve
The Map of the Gorge

zig zag track

Up the zig zag track which will give you magnificent views of the gorge and of Launceston it is 1km one way but is steep and challenging. Make sure you do where enclosed shoes for this hike.

Along the River Walk - Tourist attraction
Along the River Walk

River Walk in the Gorge

The other way is along the gorge following the river into cataract gorge this is an easier walk compared to the zig zag track but still has A few steep hills but will give you an amazing overview of the gorge. Both of these tracks will take you to the first basin.

The Lookout from the Zig Zag Track-Cataract Gorge
The Lookout from the Zig Zag Track

Duck Reach Power house

Once you have made it here the gorge is yours whether you want another steep track like the zig zag track make your way to the Duck Reach Power house this is an amazing walk along the cliff sides of the gorge it is 6km return and will take about 1.5hours it is graded a 3 with 190 steps. Other things to do at the gorge is take the chairlift across the first basin or on a sunny warm day in Launceston you can go for a free swim in the pool. You can also take a picnic and sit on the grass enjoying the views.

Mount Scenery - Cataract Gorge
Sentinel Lookout- Cataract Gorge

3.Go on a Heritage Walk

There is 3 heritage walks in Launceston all starting from civic square and will take you all over the town discovering churches, the Queen Victoria museum and art gallery or into railway workshops. The trails take between 30 and 70 minutes return.

4.Take a walk in the city park

At my surprise there also is a monkey enclosure here at free of charge.

The monkeys- at City Park

5.Harvest market in Launceston

Every Saturday this market is on from 8:30am-12:30pm Selling all local produce from around Tasmania including cheeses, yoghurt, fresh produce and Tasmania ciders. Although we never got to this market, I would love to check it our next time we are in Launceston.

The Harvest Market
The Harvest Market

6.Take a walk to Punchbowl Reserve

We were lucky enough to see this waterfall in full force after it just rained this is a pretty impressive waterfall and so close to Launceston only about 7-minute drive out of the CBD.

Punchbowl- Waterfall

7.Check out the new Riverbend Park

An amazing playground for the children or adults! You can also take a walk along the Tamar River here it has amazing views of Launceston You can also check out the new grain of silo restaurant for a pit stop for lunch.

River bend park- Tamar River

8.Ride your bike along the bicycle trails in Launceston

North esk river trail 2.2km this is a fairly easy ride and quite a straight path. Inveresk trail 2.2km one way starting from riverbend park and goes to heritage forest. University trail moderate with some inclines. This path starts at royal park and continues to Newnham campus. Rocherlea old rail trail 3.2km one way Connecting Rocherlea to Dover Village. If you don’t have a bicycle with you can hire a bike from roll cycles starting from $99 for 24 hours.

North Esk River Trail

9. Day trip to Ben Lomond National Park

It is 56 km from Launceston and about 1 hour drive It is a very scenic drive out to Ben Lomond national park and is worth the trip out to Jacobs ladder with its spectacular views also in winter you can ski and snowboard as it snows every 4 days in winter.

Ben Lomond National Park - Mountain
Ben Lomond National Park

10.Tamar Island and Wetlands

Just outside Launceston is Tamar island Take a walk at Tamar Island wetlands about a 10-minute drive from Launceston you will discover these amazing wetlands it is a 3km return walk along a boardwalk it is a fairly easy walk and will take about an 1 hour to complete.

Tamar Wetlands
Tamar Wetlands

Where to Eat in Launceston

I have listed below a number of restaurants in Launceston
Josef chromy wines
Black cow bistro
Mud bar
Dynasty Chinese restaurant
Still water
The prickly cactus (Mexican)
Rupert and hound (seafood)
Geronimo Aperitivo Bar and restaurant
Burger junkie or Food for Dudes (burgers)
Turkish Tukka (Kebabs)
Saint John craft beer James Boag (Brewery)
Tandy’s Ale house (Brewery)

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