Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Tasmania

Our Top 10 Waterfalls in Tasmania in no particular order. Did you know their are over 200 waterfalls in Tasmania. We visited 45-50 waterfalls whilst we were in Tasmania. We explored and discovered a new waterfall at each new Location, It was a highlight on our trip. The adventure to get to a few of these was all part of the fun. Some of these Waterfalls aren’t well known and some are very well known.

1.St Columba Falls

It is a short 1.2km return trip which will take about 20- 30 minute walk to the falls and is quit an easy walk with a slight up hill on the way back up. As you descend to the falls you will go through the rainforest that has some of the tallest tree ferns. As you make it to the base of the falls you will see Saint Columba Falls cascading 90 meters down to St Georges river

2.Montezuma Falls

Montezuma falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Tasmania at 104 meters tall. This is a very impressive waterfall to visit and is definitely worth the walk out. You follow the old tramway which was abandoned in the 1800’s. The trail is 8 km return walk which will take about 3 hours to complete, The track also is suited to mountain bikes along the same path as the walkers to the falls

3.Philsopher Falls

Philosophers falls a 10 minute drive out of Waratah, The track is a wide, gravel / stone track, that meanders it’s way through the forest. You will adventure down a hill before crossing the Arthur River from here the path continues along the north-western side of the river, the path here gets quite muddy. You will then reach the top of a staircase descend down the 210 stairs to reach the philosophers Falls lookout. It is a short and fairly easy 2.6km return walk it took us just over an hour to complete with lots of photo stops.

4.Bastion Cascades

This hike is located in the meander forest reserve, the walk begins at the end of quarry road. Follow the track along the old logging track till you reach a signposted Junction. At the junction which straight continues to Bastion cascades or turn right to begin the stone hut track circuit. You can either just walk to bastion Cascades which is a 3 hour return walk or return via the stone hut track which is a 9km 5 return walk (grade 4). At the Junction I would recommend continuing to bastion Cascades as this path seems to be not as steep as if you were to do the stone hut track first.

As you head through the over grown track towards bastion Cascades you will follow the bastion Creek through the rainforest, the path will begin to open up more after the first 50 meters. Along the way you will see wave rock and many small waterfalls/Cascades just before arriving at bastion Cascades you will see a huge rock overhang it is quite impressive you will Then Continue along the path to arrive and view the Cascades.

When returning you will have a choice to return the same way or head back along the croft track. The track begins climbing between two big rocks with a rope to assist you to the top. From hear the track continues uphill before getting to the top of bastion Cascades. This is where the stone hut track begins and as you make your way along the track you will pass massive stone cliffs and rock overhangs
Before descending down the hill back through the overgrown track, keep your eyes out for the ribbons and arrows directing you back down till you reach the old quarry track. Return to the carpark.

Minow Falls

Is located on the face of Mt Roland the walk begins at the end of Bottom road 1. The walk is a 3 hour 4.5km return walk to the middle falls.
The track begins along a 4wd track before turning right crossing the log bridge over the Minow river. The track then follows a reasonable clear track along the river, with orange and pink tapes marking the route. After about 1km follow the orange markers which turn right and up the hill, here you will also see a small sign pointing towards the falls, this is where the track gets quite steep, once up the top of the hill you will arrive at a Junction. From the Junction it is then a 5 minute walk to the base of the lower falls, which drops 30 meters over two Tiers.

The Path

To continue to the middle falls, look for the small sign just before the lower falls the track then climbs steeply for 5 minutes before getting to the rope ladder and the cave that you will need to scramble through. Once through the cave you will have views of the Minow Falls. A small scramble along the Ridge you will reach a Plateau with spectacular panoramic views of the meander Valley to the right and Minow middle Falls to the left. From here the walk does continue to the top of the falls but we didn’t complete this. Return via the same track to the carpark.

6.Montana Falls

Located on the Western Creek in the long Ridge regional reserve in Montana is Montana Falls. A 1.8km 40 minute return walk (grade 3).
Parking is located just off Leonards road.
Follow the signs to the waterfall which has Orange triangle markers and Point you in the right direction so it’s difficult to get lost.

Eventually a side trail branches off the 4wd track leading you down a set of steps to the main section of the waterfall. If you continue along the 4wd track up the hill you will see another side track that leads to a series of small cascades known as the Montana Cascades. Return via the same track.

7. Dip Falls

Located in the Dip River forest reserve, about 40 minute drive from Stanley. The road in is all sealed except the last 2km.From the carpark two trails lead off to a pair of lookouts, giving you different perspective of the 2 Tier waterfall. Either Continue down the stairs which leads to a lookout directly across from the lower section of dip Falls.
Continue back up the stairs to the carpark. This is a 1km 30 minute return walk (grade 2).
The other option is to walk across the bridge through the forest for a short distance before coming to a lookout with spectacular views of the upper Falls. This path is also easy access for people with mobility issues.

8.Champagne and Bridal veil falls

The walk is a 2.5-hour return walk from Lemonthyme Lodge at Moina, on the way to Cradle Mountain. The Bridal Veil Falls cascade 20 meters into Bulls Creek. The walk leaves Lemonthyme Lodge and at first follows a four-wheel-drive track uphill. After about 40 minutes the walk comes to a Junction giving you an option to continue straight to bridal veil falls or down to champagne falls. We choose to walk to bridal veil falls first. It is a circuit so either way you pass both champagne and bridal veil waterfall.
Staff at Lemonthyme Lodge ask that you register your walk with them

9.Nelson Falls

Located 30km out of Queenstown is Nelson’s Falls. It is 1.4km 45 minute return walk (grade 2). It is an easy and beautiful walk through the rainforest. The track is well maintained and access to the falls is easy with only a few steps. We were amazed as it had just been raining the waterfall was very overflowing and the waterfall looked amazing.

10.Mathinna Falls

Is a series of four amazing waterfalls totaling over 100 meters in height, with different difficulties to get to each tier. Getting to the first waterfall is a fairly easy short 15 minute return walk from the carpark. The walk is on a well maintained bush trail, that guides you directly to the base of the waterfall, The base waterfall has a height of approximately 25 meters.

The upper tiers of Mathinna Falls are not on the main trail, nor are they easily accessible. But you are able to scramble to the second waterfall via a steep scramble to the right of the lower falls. Once you arrive to the 2nd tier you will notice a small cascade and another impressive waterfall. Getting to the 3rd Tier is pretty tricky and not a very formed path, you kind of scramble your way following pink markers to start and then under a bush till you reach the 3rd and final falls. You also can view the 4th waterfall from here but we didn’t attempt to get to the top. Return via the same way.
When attempting these tracks take care and be careful as at times it is a sheer drop off the cliff.

Click Here to watch the Vlog on some of the waterfall’s we visited.

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  1. Malcolm Rouse

    A great effort by you both, fantastic photographs and summary of each walk, well done. So glad you enjoyed the island it truly is a beautiful place to live and we probably take for granted the amazing natural displays such as waterfalls, lakes, mountains and scenery that are all grouped on a rather small island. Safe travels and thank you for sharing.

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