Top 5 Wonderful Places To See In North East Tasmania

In this blog, I will take you through 5 wonderful places to visit in the North East Tasmania. Take your time to explore this little pocket of Tasmania it’s jam-packed full of beautiful landscape, World-class mountain bike trails, and many exciting adventures. Of all the places to visit in Tasmania, the northeast may not be well known but it’s just as beautiful as other parts. Click Here for Campgrounds in the North East of Tasmania.

1.Bridestowe lavender farm

It is located in Nabowla about 20 minutes from Lily dale and 52 km from Launceston. The best time to visit this place is December through to early February this is when the lavender is at its full bloom. The entry is $20 also during this time. During the rest of the year the fields are still open and your still welcome to wonder the fields and its free entry.

5 Wonderful places-Flowering plant - Grasses
Lavender Fields

2.Day trip to Bridport

A little coastal town just 20 minutes from Scottsdale. We checked out the Bridport walking trail which is 11km of trail that goes around Bridport and through wildflower reserve. You have the option to stay at the caravan park in Bridport it is a nice place to stay along the beach. prices at the caravan start from $30 a night.


3.North East rail trail

The trail begins in Scottsdale and is 26 km one way to billycock hill by the way the path kind of just ends and doesn’t lead to anywhere. It is an amazing trail to explore weaving through farmland and lushes forest.

4.Blue Derby mountain bike trail

The mountain bike park has 125 km of mountain bike tracks to suit all skill levels. It is used for the derby fest held in April every year. This mountain bike park is a lot of fun and has many trails through the lushes forest. There is an option to take the shuttle bus which will take you up the top of the mountain so you can ride down the mountain on one of the many trails, The starting price is $10 for one trip up the mountain. We decided to take the dam busters trail around the dam which was an amazing trail with not a lot of people riding on it. It gives you many lookout points over the dam. It is classed as a blue trail and reasonable fitness is required. There is the option to take the shuttle bus to the beginning of this trail and once you have completed the dam busters trail you can continue to another trail. You also can hire mountain bikes from $100 a day in Derby at one of the two mountain bike shops.

5. Mt Stonarch in Scottsdale

Is a 6km return hike to the summit or 5km return hike to the lookout. The path is well sign posted and just before you turn off to the summit make sure you do make a pit stop at the lookout it is almost just as good but still worth the stop and makes for a shorter hike if you aren’t going to the summit. the walk is hard it is very steep and very rocky so make sure you do wear sturdy shoes. A reasonable fitness is recommended. Stefan also took the electric bike up the mountain the day after we hiked the mountain.

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