Top Places To Visit In Beautiful Kalbarri WA

Kalbarri is located in the mid west region of the Western Australian coast, along the Murchison River. It is situated approximately 6 hours north of Perth. This region is fairly isolated with the closest large town from Kalbarri being Geraldton which is located 130km from Kalbarri. There is plenty to see and do in this small town there is a beautiful National park with beautiful views over the Murchison River. A great Coastline which is also part of the National park and great beaches for swimming, fishing and relaxing. In this blog I have included the best places to visit while in Kalbarri. Click Here where I have put together the best places to stop along the way from Perth To Kalbarri. Entry to the national park is $15 per day and there is a pay station at the entry.

Kalbarri Coastline

Natural Bridge and Island Rock

You can park at Island Rock Carpark and walk the coastal trail to Natural Bridge or the other way around. The walk is an easy 1.8km return walk along a boardwalk with beautiful views of the coast line along the way.

Shell house and The Grandstand

The walk from the carpark is an easy 600m return walk.

Eagle Gorge

The walk to the Eagle Gorge lookout is an easy 300m walk from the carpark or 700m to the beach one way.

Mushroom Rock

There is trail around mushroom rock it is a 2km return walk from the carpark.

Red Bluff Lookout

The walk to red Bluff lookout is 1km return. It has beautiful views over Red Bluff Beach.

Kalbarri National Park- Inland

Kalbarri Skywalk

This is a unique experience allows you to walk out onto two viewing platforms that hang 300 meters above the Murchison River. It is well worth making the stop, as it’s a short walk from the car park.

The loop and Natures Window

The Natures window is one of the most popular tourist attractions within Kalbarri National Park. This naturally occurring rock formation ‘window’ has beautiful scenery that surrounds the rock. The view through the window is of Murchison river Valley. The walk to get to Natures Window is an easy, short stroll and suitable for most fitness levels. The loop is 1km and can be done in 45 minutes.

There is also an extended loop which is 9km along the Murchison river. Allow 3-4hours to complete the trail.

Z Bend Lookout

The Z-Bend lookout is a moderately easy walking trail. It will bring you to a spectacular lookout over the river and is only a 1.2KM return hike. You can extend the hike down to Murchison river it is a much more challenging hike that will give you access to the river, with a 2.6km return distance.

Hawkes Head

Has stunning views of the Kalbarri Gorges and Murchison River. Named in honour of a hawk shaped rock formation visible from the lookout.

Ross Graham Lookout

This 700m return hike provides the easiest access in Kalbarri National Park to the river’s edge. The track is quit rocky under your feet and has many stairs to the river, but can be done by most fitness levels.

Kalbarri Town

Murchison River Trail

Ride or walk along the river trail with beautiful views over Kalbarri. The trail begins at Kalbarri Red Bluff Tourist park and ends at the Kalbarri Jetty in town.

Blue Holes

Is a great place to head out and explore. The beach is protected by the rock pools which creates a natural aquarium for marine life and safe area for kids and adults to swim in.

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