Top Places To Visit In Beautiful Ravenshoe

Ravenshoe is known for being the highest town in Queensland at 920m above sea level, It’s a small country town, surrounded by incredible World Heritage rainforest and gorgeous waterfalls. If you are visiting Cairns, be sure to add a trip to Ravenshoe and surrounds while you’re here.

Tully Gorge

Located 40 minutes from the town of Ravenshoe, It is well worth the drive out to this beautiful gorge. The drive it self is through the rainforest on a sealed road. Once at the Gorge you will arrive in a small carpark and it is a short walk to the lookout. If you would like to explore more there is a 1.5km one way rainforest walk which takes you out to a small pond. You then can make your way around the pond out to the granite rock ledge and get spectacular views out to Tully Gorge.

Koombooloomba Dam

From Tully Gorge you can continue along a unsealed road for another 15km to Koombooloomba Dam. I would recommend a 4wd past the gorge as there is some very big pot holes and some corrugation. If you head up to the dam boat ramp the track is quit chopped up. You can also camp at the dam, pay before you arrive.

Millstream Falls

Millstream Fall’s is one of Ravenshoe’s more famous waterfalls. It is located about a 15 minute drive from the town. Its the widest single drop waterfall in Australia and is situated within Millstream Falls National Park. You can enjoy a short stroll through the grassy bushland before coming to a lookout where you can view the falls.

Little Millstream Fall’s

Located very close to to town only a 4 minute drive or a 15 minute drive from the larger Millstream Falls. Little Millstream Falls is made up of multiple smaller waterfalls all connecting into a larger pool. You can wander down the dirt trail to the top of the waterfall and from there you can rock hop your way to the top where you will continue to find more small waterfall’s.

McKenzie Fall’s

It is located 30 minutes from Ravenshoe, along a unsealed 4WD track. Once at the end of the track it is a fairly easy walk to the bottom of the falls.

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