The Best Hiking Trails in Beautiful Stirling National Park

Stirling National Park is located in Western Australia around 450km South East of Perth and 100km from Albany. This is the only major mountain range in the southern half of Western Australia. If you like hiking you must stop at this National Park in WA. In this blog you will find all you need to know about the walking trails in Stirling National Park. Entrance fee to the park is $15 per car or a 1 month holiday park pass $60. Click Here to Find out more. Stirling National Park has 6 well marked walking tracks, rising from 700 meters to 1100 meters. All the hikes are quite short but the incline is quite steep. Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in the park siting at 1095m and is the most popular hike.

Bluff Knoll

Bluff Knoll is the highest peak(1095m) in the Southern half of Western Australia. It’s also the most popular hike in Stirling National Park. The track can get very busy at times, Its a very beautiful hike and well maintained stairs going all the way up to the summit. If you hike this mountain also make sure to check out a few of the other hikes in the National Park. Bluff Knoll is often covered in a thick layer of cloud and as the weather can change up the top make sure you check the weather before heading up. We were lucky to climb to the top and get the summit to ourselves on a very clear day. The hike is rated moderate class 4, 6km 3 hour return hike.

Talyuberlup Peak

This mountain peak is located 20km down a unsealed road but can be done in a 2WD. As you drive down the road you will see a sign for Talyuberlup Peak with a few picnic tables and a small carpark. As this hike is quite in the National park it can be a not so busy hike. This hike was one of our favorite in the National Park. It was by far one of the harder hikes we encounted and the trail can be quite rocky in some parts and can require a bit of rock climbing. It can get very windy up the top, I believe we were lucky as it wasn’t too windy up the top and we got very clear skies with amazing views. Once you get to the first summit which is the cave. You can then continue behind the mountain, which leads you up to the second summit you will see arrows along the way and its worth climbing the last little bit for extra beautiful views.
Class 5 hike, 2.6km 3 hour return.

Toolbrunup Peak

Is the second largest peak in the National Park sitting at 1052m. If you didn’t have too much time to see the National park but would like to do only 1 hike I would Recommend hiking this one, as you get spectacular views from the top. The beginning of the trail goes through the forest and climbs gradually. Then it gets steeper and steeper with some rocky sections near the top. One you get to the summit you will be rewarded with spectacular views on a clear day. The trail is well signed and you will see arrows leading the trail along the way.
Class 5 hike 4km 3 hour return.

Mount Trio

Mount Trio is located close to Mount Trio bush camp and Caravan Park which is a great base to see the National Park. This walk includes 3 peaks linked. The first third of the trail is steep and rocky but once you get near the top the trail gets easier. At the summit you will notice and a stone mound which indicated the end of the trail. This hike is one of the easier trails in the park but still will require relatively good fitness level to reach the summit.
We weren’t very lucky with clear skies on the day we hiked up Mount Trio but were lucky enough to get a couple of breaks in the clouds and get a view at times.
The trail is class 4 3.5km 2 hour return hike.

There is another 2 hikes in the National park
Mount Hassel which is located on the unsealed road to Talyberup peak. The hike is Class 5 7km 3 hour return. It is the longest mountain track in the range and has beautiful views from the summit.
Mount Magog which is located near Talyberup peak. The hike is Class 4 3km 2 hour return hike. The mountain offers spectacular views of Toolbrunup peak and the surrounding mountains.

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