The Ultimate Guide To The Best Pink Lakes In Victoria

There are many Pink Lakes in the North West of Victoria and in this Blog we list the 5 we visited when we travelled through Victoria. We visited Lake Tyrell which is the largest salt lake in Victoria. We then headed out to Murray Sunset national Park which has 4 Pink lakes. Lake Hardy, Lake Crosby, Lake Kenyon and Lake Becking. The best time to visit is late summer when the lakes have the Pink hues in and around them. Although when we visited all the lakes were dried up they were defiantly pink and well worth the stop over. Click Here for the top Murray River campgrounds.

The Campground at Lake Crosbie

Lake Crosbie is the Main campground in this area, the campsites are along with Lake Crosby. You can fill up with water in Underbool there are also hot showers. It’s a 20-minute drive from Underbool to the National Park. At the campground, there are toilet facilities and beautiful walking tracks. No dog’s are allowed in the national Park.

The Kline Loop Nature Trail

The loop nature trail is a 4.8km, 2-hour circuit beginning at Lake Crosby Campground. The circuit begins along the foreshore of Lake Crosby. The trail then crosses the road and up the hill coming out to a beautiful view viewpoint, looking out to Lake Kenyon. continue along the trail along the shore of the Lake before coming out to the outdoor Salt museum where you can learn about the salt harvesting industry. You can then continue along the road looking out to Lake Crosby and back to the campground.

Lake Becking

There is a short 1.4km, 40-minute circuit. The walk begins at the Lake Becking campground and walks above the lake where you will have a spectacular view looking out the lake. On the way back you will walk along the Foreshore of the Lake and back to the camp.

Lake Hardy

Has a short 1.7km, 45 minute circuit. The best time to visit is at sunset or sunrise, we visited during the day and it still was very pink and very beautiful. The trail begins at the carpark at the information board. The trail is well formed but sandy in part’s.

Lake Tyrell

Located 2 hours from Mildura and 4 hours from Melbourne, the lake is located in the town of Sea Lake. Lake Tyrell is the largest salt lake in Victoria and is worth stopping by. The best time to visit is at sunrise or sunset in June- August when the lake will be filled with water the reflections will be beautiful. We visited at sunrise in March and although there was no water it still was beautiful to visit. At the first carpark the car spaces are big enough for your caravan or RV, but only cars are able to park at the second lookout.

You can park at the first lookout and walk out to the platform or park at the platform carpark. If you decide to walk it is 1.7km each way. The walk is very easy and fairly flat, you begin walking along the boardwalk along the lake out to the big Tyrell sign, The sun lounges, and the Boardwalk.

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