Top Hikes In The Beautiful Southern Flinders

Top hikes in the Southern Flinders Ranges. It’s an adventure park for adults. With many hikes and Mountain bike trails in the area. Mount Remarkable National Park is part of the Southern Flinders. The town of Quorn also is worth stopping past for a few days on the way to the Central part of the Flinders Ranges.

Mount Remarkable Summit

13.8km 5 hour return hike from the Swinging Bridge in Melrose or 13km return from Mt Remarkable Soldiers Memorial Monument. Follow the Northern loop up to the summit of Mt Remarkable and the southern loop back down. The trail is gently graded as it heads up to the summit. Although there is no views up the top there is views along the way.

Alligator Gorge Circuit

3.3km 2-hour return circuit.
The Narrows is a gorge a couple of meters wide which stretches for several hundred meters. The Terraces are a series of platforms on which the creek flows over.
There are two car parks at Alligator Gorge. We parked up at the top carpark which is where the Gorge and Alli Lookout are. We began the hike down the stairs. From here head to the right along the Ring Route for about 500 meters to The Terraces. You then head back past the stairs and downstream to The Narrows. After The Narrows, you head up the hill to Blue Gum Picnic Area. From here head along the path back to the top carpark. You could also do the hike as a there and back route if you just want to see The Narrows. You could park at Blue Gum Picnic area and head down the hill and then return the same way.

Mount Maria- Wilmington

4.7km 2-hour return Hike.
The Mount Maria Walking Trail climbs the mountain just outside Wilmington, offering extensive views over the Willochra Plain, with views over the town of Wilmington. It’s a beautiful walk with spectacular views from the top. The Hike begins across the road from Centenary Park or at the end of Mount Maria Road just head to the end where there is a turn around zone and places to park.

Devil’s Peak

2.8km 1.5-2 hour return hike.  It is one of the best short hikes in the Flinders Ranges. Although its a short hike it requires a steep scramble to reach the actual peak but it’s worth it for the outstanding views. The actual mountain is on private land but is open to the public as long as you close the gate behind you when passing through the property. The carpark is just 10km out of town, on Devils Peak Road off Richman Valley Road, both of which are dirt but 2WD accessible.

The Trail

The trail is a short but very steep track up to the top. It climbs 275m in 1.4km but the view gets better as you climb up the mountain. There are red arrows to follow until you get to the rocky peak. Once up the top, you will be faced with steep rock faces. There are basically two ways of getting to the top. Straight ahead you have to squeeze through two rocks and climb to the top. Once on top of the rock you get spectacular views and a straight drop down!. Or turn left and pull yourself up onto the peak. There’s no right or wrong way, just whichever you feel more comfortable doing (and getting back down!).

Dutchman’s Stern

10.6km 3 hour return Hike. Dutchman’s Stern is considered the best hike to do in Quorn and is definitely worth committing half a day to do it. The hike is just over 10km circuit and offers beautiful views of the Flinders. The trail is moderate and is possible for most fitness levels. The loop is best done anti-clockwise, with the climb to the bluff done first and then the gradual descent back to the carpark.

The trail leaves the carpark and begins the ascent quickly up to the highest point of the bluff at 824m. From there, the views are spectacular on a clear day in all directions. On the way up the first lookout you will pass is The Terrace, From the lookout it is about 2km from the summit. From the lookout it continues a steady hike up. Once you reach the summit you will continue the loop back down the other side of the mountain along the gorge.

Warren Gorge

One of the most underrated things to do in Quorn, but a quick side trip out of town takes you to this great bush camping spot. Just 21km north of the town on Arden Vale Road, you’ll see the gorge and camping area on your left. The campground is $17 per night to camp. You can pay in cash at the entrance with an honesty box or in person at the Visitor Information Centre in Quorn. The campground has basic drop toilets and fire pits at each site and is accessible for all vehicles and caravans. 

There’s a beautiful 5.2km circuit walk that goes through the camping area and around the gorge where you get a nice view back into the valley. Entrance into the park is $5 per car or $4 per hiker. Park at the first day visitor carpark and head up the trail. The trail climbs up the mountain and after about 1km you will reach the first lookout and about 200 meters after you will reach the second lookout. The trail goes up the rocks and has awesome views out over the Mountains. The trail is well marked with white circles and has arrows on sign posts along the way. The lookouts are on big white signs. The circuit continues past the campground along the creek. Along here keep your eyes out for the yellow footed rock wallaby. We were lucky enough to spot one with a joey.

If you want to explore a little further head an hour from Quorn to Wilpena Pound, which is located in the Central Flinders Ranges.

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