The Best Free Things See In Colac And Surrounds


Colac is a beautiful spot to visit and is located just 1 hour from Geelong. This town that is centrally located to the Great Ocean Road, only 1 hour from Lorne. It’s a great spot to stay and explore the surrounding areas. Also an added bonus there is a free campground only 10 minutes from Colac and is located right on Lake Colac. The campground has great toilet facilities and is a peaceful place to stay. Colac has a variety of scenery close by. From huge salt and freshwater lakes to volcanic craters, with beautiful rainforest and lush ferns to picture perfect farmland.

the lake in colac
Lake Colac

Explore the lake

Lake Colac is the largest natural freshwater lake in Victoria covering an area of 2,778 hectares. Formed by early volcanic activity, which blocked the natural outflow of Deans Creek and Barongarook Creek. The Lake Trail is a 6.9km return walk starting at Colac Lions park finishing at Stodart street playground then returning along the same path to the carpark. The walk begins along the Barongarook creek before getting to the lake you then walk along the lake foreshore. For more information on this walk click Here.

Head out on a day trip

There is plenty of waterfalls around lake Colac and each waterfall is only about 45 minute drive away. Located in Beech forest you have Hopetoun falls, Little Aire Falls and Triplet Falls and Californian Redwood Forest . Located in Forrest is Stevenson’s Falls, Sabine Falls and Lake Elizabeth. You can also Free camp at Stevenson’s falls and Ferguson Recreation campground if you would like to spend more time at these locations.

Stevenson’s Falls

You can either drive to the day visitors carpark which will be a 500 meter return walk to the waterfall or alternatively you can walk from Stevenson’s Falls Campground which will be a 4.6km return walk to the waterfall. It is a beautiful walk through the rainforest to a 15 meter waterfall.

Lake Elizabeth

Lake Elizabeth loop is a 4.3km return walk . You will hike through the lush green valley and around the lake. The Lake was created in 1952 by a huge landslide blocking the East Barwon River.

Triplet Falls and Little Aire Falls

The walk to Triplet Falls is 1.8km return circuit is a short but very pretty walk. Allow 1 hour for Triplet Falls and 3 hours for the loop to both waterfalls. The walk starts at the carpark and can be walked in either direction, but it is recommended to take the path to the left at the beginning. The walk will take you through some really beautiful ancient forests with some very large Mountain Ash trees. You will see the lower cascades shortly before the main falls. After taking time to view the falls return to the carpark.

Alternatively you can walk to Little Aire Falls it is a 6km return walk. The walk to the falls is fairly challenging due to the many steps as well as a lot of steeper sections. The track is well maintained and clear, although the trail can be muddy after significant rain, I would recommend wearing hiking shoes. Once you reach the waterfall you will be standing on a suspended viewing platform with a see-through grate base looking down and out to Little Aire Falls.

Hopetoun Falls

The walk is approximately 1km return, allow up to 1 hour for the walk to the bottom of the falls. Alternatively you can view the waterfall from about 30 meters from the carpark from a platform where you can see the falls from above. The walk down to the base is very steep and has approximately 200 steps. Down the bottom there are some boardwalk sections before arriving at the viewing platform.

Californian Redwood Forest

These trees were planted in 1936 and reach heights of up to 115.6 meters tall. once here take a wander along the creek or through the trees.

Red Rock Scenic lookout

Is located just a 15 minute drive from the town of Colac. Once you arrive at the carpark you will see the first lookout which gives you spectacular scenic views looking out to Lake Corangamite and Elephant rock. The second lookout just up the top of the stairs which will give you a panoramic views of the area.

Old Beechy Rail Trail

The Old Beechy Rail trail is 50km long and begins in Colac and ends in Ferguson.  The trail can be completed in short sections and in either direction. The trail follows one of the state’s former narrow gauge railways which ran from 1902 until 1962. The trail weaves through area of scenic forest, farmland and rolling hills. Click Here for more information on the trail.

Colac Botanical Gardens

The Gardens were established in 1865. It’s one of Victoria’s largest regional botanic gardens. The gardens contain many rare plant species only found in historic botanic gardens. It is a beautiful place to take a walk in the park and is located right near Lake Colac.

Lake Corangamite

This Lake is the largest permanent salt water lake in Australia (three times saltier than the sea) with a surface area of 25,160 hectares. to explore and see the lake head to Lake Corangamite Foreshore Reserve, which is located near the Red Rock Scenic lookout. We also visited Lake Beeac located in the town of Beeac. This lake is also a salt lake covering an area of about 560 hectares.

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