The Best Places To Visit In The Beautiful South West WA

There are plenty of things to do in South West WA, including hiking rugged mountain ranges, relaxing on sandy beaches, seeing an abundance of flora and fauna, and visiting wineries and breweries. The list is endless, and the region has something for everyone. The South West is located at the bottom of WA. From Bunbury to Breamer Bay. Click Here to find the best Places in Albany.


Monkey Rock Hike

The hike is 1.6km return and is located in Ocean Beach just 10 minutes from Denmark. Monkey Rock is a magnificent rock formation high over Lights beach and surrounding Denmark.  The view from the top is spectacular and the walk is moderately steep taking around 30 minutes or less. 

Wilson’s Inlet Heritage Trail and Rail Trail

The Wilson Inlet Heritage Trail is 11.7km out and back trail to Crusoe Beach. A nice flat Trail with great views of Wilson Inlet along the way.

Denmark to Nornalup Heritage Rail Trail

The trail is 68km return trail along the old railway line. The trail goes through farmland and Forests. It has different terrain such has sandy and Gravel. There also is sections that have light corrugation and tree roots.

William Bay National Park

Green’s Pool

You can park your car at Greens pool and its a short walk to both green’s pool and Elephant rock. From Greens pool there is two pathways that lead to Elephant rock.

Elephant Rock

The walk is a short 200m walk and there is a turn off to Elephant rock lookout.


Valley of Giants Tree Top Walk

Entrance to the Valley of Giants tree top walk is $21 for Adults. The tree top walk is along a 600m-long walkway, is supported by a system of six interconnected steel trusses, cables and pylons. The Valley of the Giants Tree Top walk is open daily from 9am until 5pm (last ticket sales at 4:15). The Ancient Empire walk is free to visit and you can wander through the majestic tingle trees.

Hilltop lookout to Giant Tingle Tree

There is carparks at both Hilltop lookout and the Giant tingle tree. You can either do the short circuit out to just the ‘Giant tingle tree’ and back to the carpark, The loop is 800 meters. The walk from Hilltop lookout to the Giant Tingle Tree and back is a 5.3km walk through the forest.

Circular Pool

From the carpark it is a 400m return walk to the Circular pool and back to the carpark. It is located 10km outside of Walpole.

Mount Frankland Summit

There is 3 short walks at Mount Frankland.
Wilderness lookout is 300meters return back to the carpark
The summit is 1.2km return. Class 4. The trail takes you to Towerman’s Lookout on top of Mount Frankland. Where there is beautiful views over Walpole Wilderness. You must have a resonable level of fitness too reach the summit as there is a ladder to climb and 300 steps.
Caldyanup Trail is a 1.6km circuit. The walk is around The granite boulder and through karri Forests. An option is to climb the summit and return via this trail.

Fernhook Falls and Rowell’s Pool

 Fernhook Falls depends on the season. When we were there in summer the falls wasn’t flowing but Rowell’s Pool still had water in it. If your after staying the night there is also a Campground here it is $11 per adult per night. But the campground is not suitable for Caravan’s.


Mount Chudalup

Located 16km from Northcliffe on the way to Windy Harbor. The trail is well maintained with a small climb at the end. The walk is 2km return and will take 30minutes to an hour return. Up the top you will get views out to Windy Harbour.

D’entreasteaux National Park- Nature’s Window

Pupalong Loop trail is a 400m circuit, passing Natures window and a few other scenic lookouts along the way. You can extend the walk by taking the Cliff top walk to Tookulup (1.3km each way) or the Coastal Survivors trail to Cathedral rock (2.8km each way).


Beedelup Fall’s

Is located 20 minutes from Pemberton. There is a few walk’s from the Beedelup Fall’s carpark.
Beedelup Falls circuit is via a 300 meter trail from the carpark.  The trail takes you across a 25 meter suspension bridge that takes you over the creek.
Walk-Through-Tree- This is a 1.2km each way trail that takes you to the tree and back.
Beedelup Loop- Is a 4.5 km moderately hard Loop that meanders through karri forest via Karri Valley Resort and the Walk-Through-Tree. The loop also takes you past the Beedelup waterfall.

Gloucestor Tree

The Gloucester Tree is locates 5 minute drive or 3km from Pemberton and was used as a fire lookout in 1947. It was one of eight lookout trees built in the south-west between 1937 and 1952. The Gloucester tree is no longer open to climb to the top lookout. The tree lookout is 53meters above the ground

Dave Evan’s Bicenntal Tree

This is the only tree that was open when we visited the area (January 2023). It is located 12km 15 minute drive from Pemberton. Gloucester Tree lookout 53 meters off the ground in the 61 metre tall tree – originally built from timber, the platform has since been reconstructed in steel.

Big Brook Dam

Built in 1986 to supplement the Pemberton town and Trout Hatchery water supply. There is a sealed 4km walk trail called Big Brook Dam Walk Track that follows the shores of the dam allowing stroller and wheelchair access, and is also ideal for cycling.

The Cascades

The Cascades is located 10 minutes from Pemberton. The cascades are located about 100m from the carpark. There is also a 1.2km circuit that takes you on a short loop around the forest.


King jarrah

King Jarrah Tree is located 3km from Manjimup. You can either drive or cycle along the trail to the tree. There is a 600m circuit around the Jarrah tree to which takes you through the forest. King jarrah is estimated to be 500 years old has a diameter of 26 meters and 45m tall.

Diamond Tree

In 1939, the search was on to find a suitable karri tree south of Manjimup to be used as a fire lookout tree. It was Pegged in 1940 and is now permanently closed to climbing after expert assessments found rot in the base of the tree and recommended all climbing should cease.


Barrabup pool

Barrabup Pool is an awesome spot to go for a refreshing dip in summer. It’s located 20 minutes from Nannup. From the pool you can take on the picturesque Old Timberline Rail Trail, a 22 kilometer walk and cycle trail following the old tramway. Then follow the Mundi Bidi Trail back to Nannup. The loop trail from Nannup and back is around a 38km circuit.

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