A Beautiful Day At Lesueur National Park

Lesueur National Park is one of the most underrated Park’s in Western Australia. We hadn’t heard of it before but thought we will take a trip inland and explore this beautiful national park. The best part is you will be soaking in the views most likely by your self. The park is barely touched, unspoiled and has some spectacular views looking out to the ocean and over the park. It is located almost 250km from Perth and about 22km from Jurien Bay. If visiting Jurien Bay it is one of the top places to visit and explore. The best time is visit is in spring during wildflower season. We did it in winter and although there was no wild flowers it was still beautiful. Entry to the park is $15 per day. The road in is unsealed and then the Scenic Drive is a 18km one way sealed road and is all 2WD accessible.

Mount Lesueur Trail

The Lesueur Trail is 3.5 km return, You have the option to add on the Gardener loop trail too which will make the walk around 6km return. The walk is along a sealed path up to Iain Wilson lookout and then is fairly flat to Wandoo lookout. The walk then climbs up to the top of Mount Lesueur, which has spectacular views over the park and ocean.

Yued Ponar Trail

The trail is a 6km loop that starts from Cockleshell Gully Picnic area. If you were to do one hike in the park this is the one we would recommend. It is a little bit steeper then Mount Lesueur but worth is for the views along the way and up the top. The walk climbs steadily to the top of Mount Peron and then back down the ridge past Cairn Lookout.

There is one more walk in the park which is the Yonga Trail. It is a 2 day hike through the park and is a 26km loop it begins at the same car park at the Lesueur Trail. The trail could be completed in one day, allow 8 hours to walk this trail. If you decide to camp for one night and split the walk into two days. The campground is $8 per adult and pay Here before you head into the park.

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