The Best Things To See In Beautiful Devonport


There is many things to see in Devonport. It is the third largest city in Tasmania and is the gateway to the north west and beyond. Its located on the Mersey River and the Bass Strait coast. Devonport enjoys river, ocean and mountain views. It is close to some of Tasmania’s best natural places, including stunning Cradle Mountain and the Leven Canyon. In this blog I will list the top things to see and do in Devonport. I have previously done a blog on the best places in Railton which is located 30 minutes from Devonport check out the blog Here.

See the Mersey Bluff light house

The Mersey Bluff Lighthouse standing at the mouth of the Mersey River near Devonport. It has a distinctive vertical red stripe on the lighthouse. The Mersey Bluff Lighthouse was constructed in 1889 by P Davern. It is of brick construction on a stone base. The light station originally included two brick houses, a signal shed, tide house and flagpole.

See the Maritime Center

Museum tickets and simulator passes are from $10 per adult. You get to no the history and you will hear stories of the past. You can also try the VR experience where you sail into the Mersey River in the 20th-century steamer as a captain! The museum has permanent and temporary exhibition spaces and Each room has a different theme, exploring Devonport’s local history or the maritime history of the Bass Strait Click Here for prices and more information.

Take a boat cruise to the mouth of the Bluff on a ‘Ketch’

The Julie burgess is the last one standing. nearly 150 ketches were built and operated by five generations of the Burgess family. It’s an old fishing vessel and used to be able to get fresh seafood quickly into the Melbourne markets. On this short voyage you will ‘catch the wind’, hoist the sails and experience the workings of this historic vessel. The vessel first heads west towards Mersey Bluff, then towards the Don Heads before turning round in the Bass Strait and heading back to Port. The cruise is 1 hour and half return journey. Prices start from $55 per person click Here for more information.

The Don River Railway museum and Train trip

The museum, workshop and trains run on Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays. The train ride is a 30min return trip on the historic Melrose Line, The train journey takes you to Coles bay and back. The train travels near the Don River. Tickets for the train are from $15 per adult for a return trip and tickets to the museum starts from $10 per adult. Click Here for more information.

A scenic walk or ride

Mersey River and Bass Strait allows you to enjoy river, ocean, and mountain views. There are many scenic walking routes for you to take leisurely strolls and get to know the area. You can also explore these trails on a bicycle. There are different routes that cover the city and the coast so you have plenty or trails to explore. Click Here for the different Trails.

Tasmanian Arboteum

Devonport Botanical gardens is located 15 minutes out of Devonport in Eugenana. The gardens is 66-hectare botanical tree park located by the Don River. There is a range of different walks around the gardens the whole loop takes 60 minutes to complete. But there is shorter walks around the gardens click here to see a map of the gardens. For entry its $5 per adult.

The spirit of the sea

Located at the mouth of the Mersey River and the entrance to the port is guarded by a bronze statue weighing 700kg. The Spirit of the Sea was installed in 2009 and was the state’s most expensive piece of public art at the time, costing $250,000. It represents the “power and fascination of the sea”.

Forth falls

Forth Falls is located in Wilmot which is located 40 minutes from Devonport. The walk to the falls is fairly easy, there is quite a steep down hill at the start and then its along the cliff side. Along the walk you will have views looking out to Lake Barrington. You will then get to an intersection, straight leads to the lower falls and up the hill leads to the upper falls. Both waterfalls are worth seeing. The walk included upper and lower falls was 3.7km about 2 hours return with lots of stops along the way. Click Here for the Trail map.

Day to trip to leven Canyon

Is  is located 50 Km from Devonport you can either drive or take a tour from $179 per adult. The Leven River cuts the deepest limestone ravine in all of Tasmania and is easily viewable from the Cruickshank’s or The Edge Lookout. Click Here for more information on the trails in the canyon.

Lake Barrington

Devonport is An artificial lake formed in 1969 to provide a head of water for the Devils Gate Power Station. You Can swim, kayak, Jet ski and water ski on the lake this area also provides a free camping area with picnic shelters, BBQ’s and toilets.

A day trip to Cradle Mountain

A day trip to Cradle Mountain You can either drive or take or take a tour The tour is from $175per adult and entry to the national park is included. On a day tour you wouldn’t be able to go on any long hikes, but the local guides takes you for a stroll around dove Lake. If your wanting to do any long hikes I would recommend going by car. The drive takes 1.5 hours from Devonport for all the walks and other information click Here.

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