Exploring The Best Things To See In Vaughan Springs

Exploring our first camp

Exploring Vaughan springs which was our First Free camping spot on our Big adventure. We stayed at the Upper terrace Vaughan springs .On the first day we adventured to central springs about 1km walk from the camp ground. It’s approximately 30 minute return walk. For a longer walk you can walk to Glenuce springs which is 3km about 1hour and 30minutes walk. Click Here to find out our first stop on our Big Adventure

exploring Vaughan springs- central springs

Exploring the slide

The other thing to do or check out is the giant slide, I would recommend a blanket to make the slide a little bit faster but otherwise make sure you have something slippery on, otherwise you may not go down the slide very fast. The slide is for adults and children.

Exploring the Goldfields Trail

There is also the Goldfields trail which is a walking/mountain bike trail it is 210km in length, beginning in Mount Buninyong south of Ballarat and ends in Bendigo. We opted to take the electric motorbike one of the days we went towards Castlemaine and the other day we went towards Daylesford. The trail in both directions have there challenges and most of the trail is very rocky but very beautiful scenery the whole way. Along the way you will explore all the many mining holes and many ruins along the path.

Gold Fields Trail

Day trips

Hanging rock

When we stayed at Vaughan springs we did a couple of day trips. We first we went to Hanging rock approximately 30minutes away from the camp site just outside of Kyneton. When you arrive you will enter through a gate it is $10 per vehicle. Hanging rock is a short walk up the top taking about 30 minutes and 1.5km one way. There is many rocks and different view spots to explore and plenty of photo opportunities.


The second day trip we took was to Daylesford. Approximately 30 minutes away from the campsite. We explored the Blowhole, Daylesford lake and Sailors falls. The blowhole has two main viewing areas one is a lookout where you can look over the blow hole or the other is at the bottom of the stairs and is at the base of the blowhole. When we were there the blowhole was more like a waterfall as the time of the year we visited there was no heavy down pour of rain I believe if you come the right time of the year it will be more spectacular and more like a blow hole instead of a waterfall when the river flow is high. There is plenty of other walks you can take around the Bald hill Hepburn regional park.

Daylesford lake

Is perfect stop for lunch we enjoyed a Pie from one of the many bakeries in Daylesford after lunch you can enjoy a beautiful stroll around the lake it is a 3km loop and will take about 40 minutes.

Sailors Falls

Is spectacular with or without water due to the impressive rock face and lining of fern and nature surrounding the falls. The water fall is just off the main road just outside of Daylesford. As you reach the top of the stairs you will descend down the stairs you will cross a bridge across the creek to the bottom of the falls. We did continue to do the loop of sailors falls it is 1.4km length and will take about 30 minutes to complete it is worth going the longer way back as you get to explore more of the nature surrounding the this spectacular waterfall.

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