The best things to see and do in beautiful Warburton

There is a lot of amazing places to visit in beautiful Warburton and in this blog I’ll list the best things to see and do. Warburton is an easy 90 minute drive from Melbourne. Set amongst the forested hills in the Yara ranges. Check out What to do in Vaughan springs Here.

The beautiful Warburton- O'shanessy Aqueduct
The O’Shannassy Aqueduct trail

The beautiful hiking and walking trails in Warburton

The O’Shannassy Aqueduct trail-

This is a 30km trail From East Warburton to Don valley. Extremely picturesque, and has multiple stop off points if you would like a shorter walk. There isn’t many hills and for the views you get it is totally worth a visit.

The beautiful Yarra River Trail

The trail is a 6km walk following along the Yarra River. It is a very picturesque and an easy walk. You also don’t need to walk the whole trail as you can make a shorter loop. The popular loop is to walk from the main area just behind the shops. You walk to the first suspension bridge and loop around back to the back of the shops again. a popular stop is the Warburton Bakery which sells a great selection of pies and cakes.

Warburton River Trail

The beautiful Rainforest walk

As you arrive to the Rainforest walk you will be greeted with a 40m platform which is 15m above the ground directly above the rain forest. After you have wandered along the platform it is worth taking the rainforest walk it is a 20 minute round trip in the rainforest a fairly easy walk with some stairs but it is a very picturesque walk. You can also do this walk as you visit or return from Mt donna buang.

The beautiful Lala Falls

A moderate walk that is 3.2km return walk through the dense forest up to the famous falls.

Little and Big Peninsula tunnel

The tunnels were created during the Gold Rush when the Yarra River was diverted to make it easier for gold miners to search for gold in the river bed.Big Peninsula Tunnel is about 20 minutes from Warburton and Little peninsula tunnel is about 15 minutes from Warburton both just off Woods point Road.

Big Tunnel

Little Peninsula Tunnel

Is a short 5 minute walk (approx. 150m) from the car park. The little peninsula tunnel is approximately 30m in length. Once you have made it to the bottom of the path the path will split into 2 tracks signposted ‘tunnel viewing’ and ‘Tunnel entrance’

There is a bridge that leads to the open grass picnic area. This was closed when we were there but you can use some rocks to step across the water. To reach the opposite side of the picnic ground which also provides an open grassy picnic area.

Big Peninsula Tunnel

It is approximately 2 meters height and width and 25 meters long. From the carpark take the stairs to the bottom of the stairs where you will reach the picnic area and the swimming hole. If you take the other path at the car park you will go down the hill across the yara river along formed stepping stones to the formed path on the other side, although it’s a formed path it is quite steep down.

McMahon Creek Goldfield walk

The path leads the viewing platform of the big tunnel. There is also an option to go on walk on the McMahon Creek Goldfield walk 13km return loop with a moderate-hard track that will take approximately 4 hours to complete.

The beautiful Mount Donna Buang

Is the closest snowfield mountain to Melbourne. Make sure you check out Mount donna Buang Facebook page to check out the snow report If you want to see snow.if you come up to the mountain when it is snowing make sure you bring a toboggan or you can also hire toboggans up on the mountain.

The Lookout Tower

On the top of Mount Donna Buang is a 21m lookout tower once up the top on a clear day you will get views over Melbourne and the Yarra valley. When it has just snowed be careful when climbing up as it can be slippery.

In summer you could take a picnic up to the top of the mountain with cooler temperatures you can escape the heat on a hot summer day in Warburton. It is definitely a picturesque picnic spot and still worth the drive to the top. Also there is a number of small hikes up on the peak. Whether you visit in summer or winter it is always worth a visit too when you come to Warburton.

Cycle the Warburton to Lillydale trail (40km)

The iconic trail is 40km in length, It passes through many of the region’s prettiest little towns, including Wandin, Woori Yallock, Seville, Launching Place, Yarra Junction, Wesburn, Millgrove. You can start in Warburton town the path goes across the top of Warburton. There is also a bike hire shop next to cogs cafe in Warburton where you can hire a bike for the day.

The Warburton Rail trail

The trail passes through vineyards, farmlands and forests, with the ever present mountains looming in the distance and background. There are also remnants of the former station platforms to stop and take photos along the way.

Carriage Café

The beginning of the path from Warburton to Launching place is along the road, but once you have got past launching place the trail follows the farmlands and vineyards. The trail is fairly easy with some steep sections its fine gravel all the way. If you have all day and you make it to Seville I would recommend going to the carriage café for a great stop for lunch.

Swim or Float down the river

In summer Warburton is very popular day spot for visits for the Yarra river. There is plenty of spots to swim.The recently built new water park is very popular for day visitors and it is free to visit. It is located in the caravan park but there is a carpark just off the main road.

Water park - Swimming Pool

Other popular swimming places

The recently refurbished rocky embankment in the center of town. This is the most popular swimming hole for day visitors. Opposite Warburton Golf Club in the west of town. This is less populated and plenty of parking spots also there is a toilet block here. Any of the swimming holes around the Warburton Caravan Park. This is also a very popular swimming hole as all the tourist staying at the caravan park go here. The large hole to the east of Warburton redwood bridge. This is a less known swimming hole and not many people will be here.

Float down the river

If swimming isn’t your thing another popular thing to do in Warburton on a hot Melbourne day is to float down the river. Bring along a inflatable I would recommend a donut or a lot of people do bring a lilo. Start at the caravan park and finish at the main swimming hole in Warburton town.

Where to Eat: Symphony 36, Cogs bike café, Three sugars café, Warburton village pizza café Where to Stay

Air bnb: Sign up with my link and you will get up to $90 AUD off your first trip.
Big Patsa Place- sleeps up to 11 guests starting price of $190/night
Mountain tiny house- sleeps up to 2 guests starting price of 160/night
Hotels: Buttercup hill- A charming little B&B. A 10 minute walk to the main strip of shops in Warburton.
Warburton Motel- clean, comfortable and recently refurbished in November 2020 2 minute walk into town.

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